Pixlr Lets You Design And Edit Images In Your Web Browser

A case can really be made that most modern websites are not exactly website, but full applications. Rich, dynamic, flexible, vibrant, powerful, fast and feature rich applications.

Welcome to the future!

Gone are the days when websites were simple HTML pages, with an occasional sprinkle of graphics. And this also means that if you are in the business of online marketing (or well, any business) you need create and edit graphics for your various needs, including promotion and marketing.

Enter Pixlr — a tool that offers many of the capabilities of more expensive and complicated programs like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Right in your web browser!

Like all good things, this free online image editor has 3 modules, namely:

Pixlr Editor

Head here, if you need to create new images from scratch or perform edits on your existing images and photos. This section most closely resembles traditional image editing software like Photoshop.

Pixlr Express

A watered down, yet still very capable version of the service. This is great for beginners and unexperienced designers that just want some simple edits like adding text, stickers and special effects.


With a cool name, this is very much an Instagram alternative. You can use this to add vintage and other such effects to your photos and images. Very helpful when designing banners and marketing visuals.

So there, you go, a fast, free and very capable web based solution for when you want to quickly edit or create images. The interface is top notch, with everything in the right place. And although you do not get advanced features like on traditional desktop software, this is, still, an excellent alternative.

More so when you do not have access to your trusty old desktop programs, for one reason or another.

You can put Pixlr to good use on the official website.

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