10 Amazing Online Tools For Writing

Chances are that if you run an offline business you do a lot of writing. If you run an online business you probably do even more writing. There is no escaping writing in life, let alone business ventures.

But if you are still doing it the old fashioned way, then there are plenty of online tools, applications and websites to help you along the way. Here is a selection of 10 such writing tools that no wordsmith should be without:



Recall those early typing tutor software from the 90s? Welcome to the 21st century. This is a free online typing and keyboard tutor that will teach you how to type quickly and professionally. And the best thing about this richly designed resource is that both pros and beginners can benefit from it.



Use this grammar corrector to you find out if you are wrong when you think you are right. Grammatical errors are the most embarrassing — they wreck credibility. This handy tool can detect well over 250 types of mistakes. Not foolproof, but useful. Not free either, but can be used for 7 days as a trial.


The Free Dictionary

Everyone needs a dictionary now and then, but writers need to keep one handy. The Free Dictionary is a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus, and as the name suggests, you get access to it without any sort of payment. Plus, it also comes with several other neat tools.


Online Stopwatch

Everybody also needs a stopwatch at some point. This is a tool that will help you speed things up, particularly if you are a blogger. More than this a simple stopwatch, this website also offers an online alarm clock, countdown timer, even a chess timer.



This online tool ranks the most frequently used words in a given body of text. The more you use a word, the less effective it becomes. You can use WordCounter to pinpoint repetitive words easily. Just enter a block of text, and it will reveal a list of overused words. Nifty.


Capital Letters

If your sentences are a mix of upper case and lower case letters, then this tool by TextFixer instantly repairs them. Simple paste your text in a block, click a couple of buttons and your revised sentences are delivered ready for use. Several other free writing tools are also on offer here.



The most popular plagiarism detector on the web. If you have some text that you want authenticated, then simply sign up here, buy credits for 5 cents each, and run it through verification. A free version is also available.



This is a quote highlighter. Citebite allows you to link right to the quote in a given webpage. You do this by pasting your chosen text, along with the source URL, and receive a link that, when clicked, opens up that page and automatically highlights your quote.



And this is an annotator that adds stick notes to webpages. Comes rather handy when you are researching, and the notes are automatically saved, only to pop up every time you visit that particular page. A whole bunch of other features are available, with three plans, lite, pro and platinum.



Fancy name for a stylish online diary. Maintaining a personal journal is a brilliant way to record thoughts, ideas and other bits of information that may come in useful when writing. Sign up for a free or pro account at this website, and start writing a private diary that is accessible from everywhere.

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  • A wide array of helpful tools for writing. I usually see lists like this that feature very similar tools, but this is a unique and original collection. Thanks for this!

  • “Garmmarly”

    I know it’s just a typo, but you may want to use the dictionary to check out the grammarly error! :p. Seriously though, everyone should use grammarly and a dictionary when writing to ensure it’s as professional as possible.

  • I use online stopwatch for working out, but I’ve never thought about using it as a writing tool! Amazing what a fresh pair of eyes and new opinion can do! Thanks for all 10 of these! 🙂

  • What an assortment of resources you have here! Half of these will come in such handy for me personally and I had no idea they existed before this article. Webcite, in particular is going to save me over an hour a week now! Bless you!

  • Web notes is awesome! The concept is simple but brilliant. I use it all the time. The other ones seem like good options as well. I want to try them out.

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