Official Google Analytics Apps For Android And iOS Released

It took a long time coming, but Google has finally released the official mobile apps for Google Analytics, and they are available for download on the Android and iOS platforms.

Luckily, both apps come with real time reports, allowing you to access most of your analytics web and app data right from your mobile devices. And both variants come with optimized user interfaces that maximize the screen real estate when using the applications.

The official statement from the company:

“The app optimizes the Google Analytics report layouts and controls for a mobile environment, so you get the best experience no matter what device you use. For example, the app automatically adjusts the display to fit your screen size, and the navigation is based on touching and swiping instead of traditional keyboard typing.”

The only evident limitations to these applications are advanced account configuration and settings.

For instance, creating properties and views, modifying goals and filters, adding users or changing permissions — one can hope most of these features are gradually added in via future updates. But this is a solid first effort for version 1.0.

In any case these should simplify the lives of online business owners, bloggers, and webmasters everywhere, allowing them the ability to stay updated on your web properties through the day.

You can grab Google Analytics for Android and iOS from the usual places.

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  • I’ve been waiting on this. Happy it’s finally arrived. Thanks for posting Bradley. This will help any online business tremendously.

  • Google Analytics is the best analytics tool out in my opinion. Now that they’ve released an app for it, it just becomes that much better. Awesome news!

    • I agree. I love this and the screenshot says it all. Google analytics does everything you need a good and easy-to-use analytics software to do.

  • A couple of questions: 1) is the app free? 2) does the app have all the features that the regular google analytics has? Thanks in advance!

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