Discover The Most Shared Content With BuzzSumo

Goldmine. An absolute goldmine. If you ever wanted to find the most shared content, whatever the topic, then you’re in luck. A powerful research tool allows you to do just that.

Going by the name of BuzzSumo, this online service helps you find and understand the main ingredients for highly shareable content. Countless articles have been written on this subject, but here you get it in pure data form — ready to be chewed and analyzed.

BuzzSumo essentially shows you the most shared links and key influencers for any topic you enter. You can even search by websites, if you want.

And this is useful when crafting and creating your content strategy. This data enables you to perform outreach and research the topics that are affecting your niche, the particular industry you are in.

You can use this to create an editorial calendar, around topics you find that are popular amongst users.

Apart from the wealth of information BuzzSumo provides (they claim to have analyzed more than 1 billion social shares of more than 100 million articles), it comes with a very easy to use interface. The data displayed for your search term is visually simple, yet compelling and comprehensive.

The free plan allows you to perform up to 10 searches a day, and get two free content alerts. Premium plans start at $99 per month for three users.

Check out the full details on the official BuzzSumo website here.

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  • The free plan sounds like plenty to me. Thank you Bradley for making me aware of BuzzSumo, which seems like an awesome resource for discovering shares.

  • Never heard of this, but it sounds outstanding. I am certainly going to give this a go and see if it’s as good as it sounds!

  • 10 searches a day sounds like a lot, but is it too good to be true? I’ve never used it, but I’m guessing for a bigger website that won’t be enough. I think for now the free plan would work for me though. Thanks..

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