Wordoid Helps You Find Domain Names That Are Brandable

If you have ever had to find the perfect name (and domain name) for your new business or website, you know how difficult and time consuming the process can be. It sounds simple enough in theory, but can be downright aggravating and annoying.

Almost as if all the brandable names are all gone!

Well, they aren’t, and luckily there are tools that help you research these names. One of the best ones around is the creatively named Wordoid. Groovy name for a service? Wait till you hear what it does.

The website defines wordoid as a made-up word that sounds like natural words.

And this is what makes them good domain names, as people can easily spell and remember them. Here is a brief selection of such words to give you more of an idea:

  • expliqa.com
  • reactics.com
  • withink.com
  • dised.com
  • barrange.com
  • metrength.com
  • apped.com
  • ladded.com
  • processful.com

Works best if you are researching for some modern and catchy names, and the service also allows to refine your search based on language, quality, pattern and length.

Head over to the official Wordoid website to do some creative brainstorming here.

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    • It is free, and it is a great option. I highly recommend this, so you should definitely try this out! Nice post Melanie

  • Really a neat concept. Thank you for posting this here and spreading the word. I think I’m gonna really enjoy this.

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