Spezify Helps You Find Inspiration Across The Social Web

Stuck for inspiration? Need an idea for your next blog post? Or how about some creative spark for your next marketing piece? For an online marketer a constant supply of stimulus is a must.

Luckily, Spezify is here to help.

This is a visual search tool that gathers results from a number of different websites and search engines based on the keywords you provide. Results can be in the form of images, texts, videos, music, and tweets — basically all kinds of media.

Say you have a topic of interest, something you want to write about, a new or relevant subject matter. You can simply enter your chosen keywords in order to get a page similar to Flipboard.

The service is not new, it was launched all the way back on March 1, 2009.

But over the years, the people behind Spezify have refined and tuned the platform to gather and present search results from various sources, social and traditional, by tapping into their APIs. Platforms like Amazon, EBay, Flickr, Instagram, SoundCloud and more are included.

Although the website is easy to navigate, it is built on Flash, instead of HTML pages. An official iPhone app is also available that provides inspiration on the go.

Ultimately, this transformed search is an opportunity to explore and research ideas for your content. It comes in handy if you are writing something or even designing — there is enough material to spur your imagination and stir your creativity.

Take Spezify for a spin on the official website here.

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