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Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Consulting Give Your Business a Strategic Advantage

Digital Marketing can be confusing

companies are usually good at their core business, not at digital marketing

There are hundreds of techniques companies can use to market their businesses online, each with varying levels of effectiveness.

If that wasn’t bad enough, each business is competing with over ONE BILLION other websites for visibility.

For the average business, spending time trying to figure out buzz words like social media, content marketing, search engine marketing is tremendously inefficient and often a waste of resources.

We think you should be 100% focused on your core business and leave the digital work to credible digital marketing experts. Experts like us.

what we can do to help your business

The famous philosopher Confucius said the following – “When it is obvious that goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps”.

We couldn’t agree more.

To put it simply, we help our clients take the digital steps they need to reach their goals. Since 2012, we’ve passionately worked with all types and sizes of businesses to help them make more more money online.

Here are the services we provide to help you grow your business online.

Digital MarketingDigital Audits

We perform Digital Marketing Audits to help you figure out if you’re doing all you could be doing to make money online. We take a detailed look at three things:

  • Product or Service – We study your product or service in detail so we understand what it is you do or sell.
  • Audience and Positioning – We study your audience and your positioning to figure out what your visitors, leads and customers feel about you.
  • Tools and Technology – We do a detailed audit of the tools you are currently using, goals you want to achieve, KPI’s, metrics etc and then we make our recommendations.
Digital Marketing Audit
Responsive Website Design

Digital MarketingWebsite Development

We also have a full service website design and development department. Whether you need a new website or a simple refresh, the process is simple:

  • Requirements – We discuss discuss your goals for the website and what you want the different sections to be.
  • Copy and Branding – Based on the requirements, we create the text and images that will be used for the different sections. We also create a style or branding guide to keep your positioning consistent.
  • Website Design – We design the new or revised website based on your content and branding guide.
  • Web Development – We build the new site and deal with all the technical issues (SSL, Plugins, CDN, eCommerce, Hosting and more…) so you don’t have to.

Digital MarketingDigital Roadmap

We provide a Digital Roadmap for clients who need some help or direction with their digital marketing efforts. Some of the deliverables are:

  • Digital Marketing Calendar – We work with you and your staff to figure out what digital marketing activities should be performed, when and how frequently.
  • Digital Artifacts – We can work with you to get eBooks, infographics, custom graphics, landing pages, Pop ups and social media enhancements to your business as needed.
  • Social Media Content – We help you generate and disseminate brand awareness to all relevant social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Google + and YouTube).
  • SEO and Digital Analytics – Our team can make sure all your content is heavily optimized for the Search Engines and provide you with updated progress and metrics as they relate to your KPI’s.
Digital Marketing Roadmap
Digital Marketing Training

Digital MarketingTraining

We also provide a comprehensive 2 day corporate Digital Marketing training class for companies who want to get their marketing departments up to speed. We cover the following:

  • Digital Marketing Basics – In this section we give a holistic overview, discuss digital marketing best practices, digital marketing strategy, analytics, regulations and much more.
  • Lead Generation – Here we cover lead generation, marketing funnels, digital branding and positioning, SEO, SEM, Social Media and more.
  • Lead Conversion – In this section we teach your staff about copywriting, blogging, email marketing, email marketing automation, mobile marketing, display advertising and more.
  • Website Performance – Finally we cover website design and development, optimization, UI, UX, Website Analysis, Website security, Infrastructure etc.

You can check out our curriculum here and learn more here.

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