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Digital Marketing Training Meeting

Digital marketing is the modern business’s lifeblood.

In 2018, Digital Marketing seriously affects your company’s visibility, the way you attract prospects and most importantly…

It’s the #1 way to drive sales.


For companies with little to no digital marketing education, Digital Marketing can be overwhelming – even scary.

This often means poor results for marketing teams – or even worse, a failure to successfully launch any type of digital marketing effort.

The Enterprise Digital Marketing Bootcamp

With 15 years of digital marketing instruction experience under our belts (we’ve worked with companies and schools all over the world), we decided to consolidate our expertise into a 2-day bootcamp for our clients.

The results have been outstanding.

Not only do our clients love the experience, but in just 2 days they gain a level of digital marketing insight which would have probably taken anywhere from months to years – plus countless headaches – to acquire on their own.


Easy answer - we provide cutting edge, best practice digital marketing instruction that is specifically customized for YOUR business. When your marketing resources go through our class, they will get a level of digital marketing insights and training that the vast majority of your competitors will never receive.

Here are just some of the Digital Marketing topics your team will learn:

Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingThe Basics

  • Digital Marketing Overview – how we got here in the first place – we’ll discuss the transition from print to digital.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Best Practices – WHY do companies spend money on digital marketing and what are some of the strategic best practices?
  • YOUR Digital Marketing Strategy – WHY is your company spending all this money on digital marketing and WHAT do YOU want to accomplish? KPI’s, ROI, Analytics, Attributions and much more.
  • Web Analytics – How’s your current website doing? Traffic, Bounce Rates, Conversions, segmentation etc.
  • Regulations – FTC, CAN-SPAM, GDPR and more – how these laws all critically affect your digital marketing initiatives.
Lead Generation

Digital MarketingLead Generation

  • Introduction to Lead Generation – we discuss leads and prospects. Who they are, their value and how we identify them digitally.
  • Marketing Funnels – We define the digital marketing funnel and work with your resources to refine how they use the funnel to generate, nurture and convert MQL’s and SQL’s.
  • Digital Branding and Positioning – WHAT is your companies brand? WHAT do you want it to be? We talk about optimizing the branding and positioning of your company.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The ability to properly optimize your company’s website online is critical if you want to attract free leads. Your team will learn cutting edge techniques and best practices.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Search Engines are a great source of paid traffic. We also teach your resources how to use Search Engine advertising to create attractive lead generating campaigns.
  • Social Media – Obviously using Social Media is essential for every business today. We discuss the appropriate ways to use Social Media for the enterprise, brand awareness and proper social media management.
Digital Lead Conversion

Digital MarketingLead Conversion

  • Copywriting – Writing for the web is a special skill. In class we examine calls to action, user psychology, engagement, landing Pages and more.
  • Blogging for the enterprise – Your company’s blog is a great way for your leads and prospects to understand your mission and values. We teach your resources best practices for sharing those values online.
  • Email Marketing – Email is the #1 form of communication today. Your employees will learn about creating compelling headlines, higher open rates, typical user behavior and higher converting communication.
  • Email Marketing Automation – In class we discuss email automation industry leaders, strategies, tools and relevant case studies.
  • Mobile Marketing – More and more of your customers are using mobile devices to receive your content. Your employees will learn about SMS, MMS, Proximity Marketing and more.
  • Display Advertising – We also talk about how to create and manage display ad campaigns including the look and feel, metrics and best practices.
Website Performance

Digital MarketingWebsite Performance

  • Website Design – Does your company’s website design make sense for your brand? Are there opportunities for improvement? We teach your employees what to look for to make that determination.
  • Website Optimization – 3 seconds. That’s how long the average website user will wait for a website to load before getting restless. Your resources will learn how to make sure your website is optimized and that your content loads quickly and smoothly.
  • User Experience (UX) – How does the average person interacting with your website feel about that experience? Is it a pleasant one? In class we talk about the core principles of UX and Mobile UX and how they can make or break your brand.
  • Website Analysis – What areas of your website are your leads and customers focused on? We discuss heat-mapping and other ways of measuring user interest and experience.
  • Website Security – Do you collect sensitive customer or financial data? Is your company or content attractive to hackers? We discuss website security and some of the factors your I.T. teams should be taking into consideration for your content.

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Here are some of the business benefits your team will gain from our class.

  • Check Box
    An opportunity to get all their digital marketing questions answered by a practicing industry expert.
  • Check Box
    A detailed discussion of conversions and calls to action – how they can create campaigns that actually convert, generate sales and create brand awareness.
  • Check Box
    Metrics – a comprehensive discussion about what metrics need to be captured for your particular organization and why.
  • Check Box
    An understanding of industry leading digital marketing tools and techniques to leverage them.
  • Check Box
    A detailed and focused discussion about your company’s digital marketing ROI.
  • Check Box
    An opportunity for employees in multiple departments to understand common marketing challenges.
  • Check Box
    Key insights into what the REAL marketing challenges are – even the ones employees are too shy to tell you about (they usually tell our instructors).

What makes our training different?

That one's easy - the real world experience of our instructors.

Average Years of Marketing Experience
Hold a College Degree
Have actually built a profitable website
Average Hours of Instructor Experience


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Every business is different and we realize your unique business needs can impact what you can spend.

This is why we offer 4 flexible options for you to choose from.

Digital Marketing Pricing

The Hidden Cost of Not Getting Your Team Trained…

Regardless of which option you’re considering, it’s crucial to understand that the cost of our classes is insignificant compared to the cost of NOT getting your marketing team up to speed.

More specifically:

  1. The time and money you’ll lose on failed or poor digital marketing implementations.
  2. The amount of sales you’ll miss out on by not having a properly trained digital marketing team.

Which is why marketing managers and VP’s who keep the big picture in mind don’t see our training classes as a cost, but rather as an investment for their team so the company can reap financial rewards for years to come.

Digital Marketing Team

How to Find Out More

You’ve made it this far, congrats – you’re really interested in boosting your marketing team’s digital skills and MORE IMPORTANTLY skyrocketing your company’s annual sales.

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NOTE – We have clients all over the world and our training is done at the client’s location. Clients are responsible for classroom, travel and hotel costs incurred.

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