Infographic: How Men And Women Use Social Media And Mobile

Did you know that women are more likely to use social media for relationships, entertainment and self-help, while men are more inclined to use social sites for business and dating?

Additionally, when it comes to brand interaction, men prefer swift access to deals and information. Women, on the other hand, ignore social media ads more often, and are less likely to take action on paid digital advertising.

This infographic from aims to highlight some of these key differences in how the two genders interact with social media and mobile.

And it provides some valuable data points from sources like Nielsen and Pew.

So the next time you get down to strategizing your online business approach with social media and mobile, these insights should provide you with a better understanding of the general habits of your user base. Here is a bit of a shocker — women play games more often than men on their smartphones:

“Surprisingly, women ignore paid advertising more often than men. This makes sense because women in general are more conscious of their social circle and ads are intrusive strangers. Moreover, women seem to use their smartphones in more ways than men.

Here’s a mini-shocker: women play games in their smartphones 10% more often than men. In fact, women dominate men in almost all the top smartphone activities, such as, visit websites, download apps (surprise!), messaging, text, and camera use.”

Click the infographic below to view the full high-resolution version.


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  • Very helpful graphics! Pretty much, women use social media more, but it’s not as effective in successfully targeting them. I guess that means it’s kind of even in terms of total numbers.

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