10 Impact Words You Can Use To Write Powerful Headlines

For many, headlines are the most crucial part of a good copy. Whether you are writing articles and blog posts for your websites, or subject lines for your email newsletters, headlines are the difference between good and great, success and sensation, just another post, or one that goes viral.

Luckily, creating the most effective and attention grabbing headlines is not all that difficult. There are proven, impactful words that you can use in headlines to gain the attention from your readers.

Here is a list of 10 such words, with examples for each:

You, Your

The usage of words “You” and “Your” in titles and headlines suggests that the information conveyed in an article or email pertains directly to the reader, and is directly applicable to them.
Example: Your Summer Fashion Guide


“Now” implies immediacy, and few words grab more interest than this.
Example: 3 Projects that You Can Start Right Now!


We live in the age of online videos. As any internet marketer will tell you, people are more easily persuaded to watch a clip than read a couple of pages of text. If what you are creating contains an interesting video, then always advertise it in the headline.
Example: Watch this Video to Learn About the Benefits of Paleo Diet

How To

Headlines that explain “How To” or “Why” are always a surefire bet, because they promise the reader with solutions, sound advice along with a detailed explanation.
Example: How to Stop Smoking In 30 Days


You can formulate a question from the reader’s point of view, something that they could already have asked. Provide the answer in your content and you are gold. Just avoid asking questions that readers can answer with a yes or no, because if it is the latter, you’ve already lost them.
Example: Are You Paying More For Web Hosting Than You Should?

Bold Claims

Nothing wrong with making a bold claim now and then, as long as you back it up with your content. Word like “Ever”, “Best”, “First”, “Last” and “Epic” may be superlatives, but they have become a manner of speak, and are now an acceptable technique for writing a powerful title.
Example: See the Most Creative Banner Ads Ever Made


People are interested in all manners of facts, and including this term is a great way to not just boost engagement, but content sharing too.
Example: 12 Amazing Facts about Oranges


Another eye catching word to use in a title is “Bargain”. This type of headlines are more appropriate for retail stores, but can be used by any other type of business.
Example: Bargain Deals on Silk Blouses You Don’t Want To Miss!


Most people like the feeling of having access to valuable information that others do not know about, and this term is an excellent way to connote that feeling of distinctiveness.
Example: An Early Bird Exclusive Bonus for Members


Lists pack a punch, everyone loves them. The simple practice of combining a number with any of the abovementioned words is perhaps the most effective way to create powerful headlines.
Example: 16 Resources to Learn Computer Programming

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