Infographic: Social Media Trends And Statistics For Businesses

More social stuff. Social media isn’t going away, and most businesses now realize that the need to hop on the bandwagon if they wish to reach their prospective customers.

Either directly or indirectly — in the sense of search engine ranking benefits social sites provide.

For a lot of people now, their online presence in social media is a cornerstone of their overall marketing strategy, right up there at the very top. These businesses are leveraging the remarkable power that social networks and sites provide to help in connecting with customers.

And this fantastic infographic provides a very detailed look at this landscape:

“Both small and large businesses are realizing the influence borne by social media influencers on the public opinion. It comes as no surprise then that businesses look for these influencers on various social media sites and send them free product samples to get them reviewed.

In the following infographic, Businesses on Social Media – Statistics and Trends, Go-Gulf presents several stats and trends that illustrate how businesses use social media to drive business growth.”

It is filled with all manner of figures on the current social media trends and statistics for businesses.

Some are common, basic knowledge, while others are updated numbers on how companies, businesses and brands are utilizing the various social sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are all covered. Should definitely provide a few helpful pointers for your online businesses.

Click the infographic below to view the full high-resolution version.

Social Media Trends

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