Remove’em Link Removal Service Removes Bad Links To Your Site

Link profile cleanup. No matter the type of your online business, you have to keep an eye on all your anchor text links on the web to identify links with overused keyword phrases.

Text over-optimization is a definite risk, with Google, at least, and you surely want to avoid that.

But if you have the need to remove backlinks and don’t have the time to look for them yourself, then this is where Remove’em comes into the picture. One of the best link removal services around, Remove’em has a powerful algorithm that is incredibly sophisticated, yet highly accurate.

The prediction tool analyzes how many links you are going to have to remove — very helpful in deciding which subscription package to order.

Remove’em offers two basic forms of service, the self-service option and the full service option.

The former is cheaper and offers you control over which links you want removed in the client control panel. The full service option is expensive, but handy if you have a big mess on your hands, and want to deal with it spontaneously.

Major data sources that are utilized include Majestic SEO, Moz, Ahrefs and Strike Iron.

You can perform a free link analysis as part of a current promotion at the official site.

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  • Seems like a fantastic program! My only issue is that it says it’s $99 / month. That’s a little too expensive for me. Hopefully one day I can afford that!

    • As a free-lance web professional who has been doing analyses and back-link profile management for many different agencies and domains. I can vouch for Removee’m is head and shoulders above the competition. The depth of knowledge of the team there along with ease of access to the ever improving (already industry leading platform to boot) data management makes penalty removals a breeze.

      The cost is a great value when you stack up the $$$ saved in the short term and especially in the long run.

  • A useful resource to consider for sure. Thanks for posting this. The testimonials on the full service page are really impressive.

  • Hi Bradley.. thank you so much for writing this article about Remove’em! I am one of the team members for the service, and it always makes us happy when others see the great benefit we are trying to provide.

    Dtt23… I did want to mention that if you can’t do the $99/month, we do have an alternative self-serve option for a one-time fee of $249. I hear if you kindly email the sales team, they also frequently hand out coupons 🙂



    • Jake,

      Thanks for the tip! I didn’t realize that. $249 is a much better option that I may consider. Really appreciate the info.


  • Thanks for the review, Bradley.

    In this industry, transparency is not always guaranteed, so I try to make our work as clear and concise as possible. Many SEOs over the past several years (and currently) tout their work as “high quality,” but the majority of it is spam (at least from what I have seen).

    Helpful Tip:
    If you are going to choose an SEO company to help market your site to search engines, make sure you know what strategies they are utilizing. If they use any of the tactics pointed out in Google’s link schemes post (, run far, far away. Transparency is key.

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