10 (More) Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

We covered some bases on this topic in a previous article. And this one builds upon that, offering a list of a few other social media mistakes to avoid.

Here is the previous piece, by the way.

Again, these are only a few broad guidelines to follow, in order to get the maximum results from your social marketing endeavors as an online marketer. They do vary a little from company to company, niche to niche, but these are some of the more common mistakes people (and businesses) make.

With that said, here are 10 more social media mistakes to avoid:

Posting too much

Yes, there’s a thing such as posting too much content. There is an ideal limit to how much your audience wants to hear from you, and this varies on the type of business and industry. Find it out.

Being inappropriate

Social media simply mirrors real life. And while there is immense value in showing your human side here, you have to take care to stay appropriate all the time, and never speaking negatively of others. It gets picked up, stays online forever, and reflects undesirably on your business.

Not enough engagement

Sure, you’re in the business of selling here, but long term success depends upon building relationships over time. Business 101. If you are constantly selling, you may drive a few sales in the short term, but at the risk of alienating you from your audience in the long term.

Not sharing other people’s content

No one has a monopoly on great content, really. Make sure you retweet or share some amazing and awesome content from other people too. Good manners.

No variety in content

Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes. And it goes on social media too. You have to keep things interesting by changing them up. Share links, ask questions, post a funny image or video clip, and mix things up. You get the drill.

Not thinking when to post

This will take some trial and error, some tests and analytics. But you have to figure out the best time to tweet, or post your content. Look at some research and tally it with your findings to strategically decide on what is the best time to post for your particularly business or industry.

Not putting focus on headlines

Headlines sell. Fact of life. If you want your followers to act on what you post, take specific actions, then you need to have an understanding of what kind of headlines work best. And focus on crafting them.

Not using social media tools

True, you can go at the social game all alone, but not using social media tools is often the difference between success and a whole lot of wasted time. A cornucopia of such tools are available online, both free and paid. Put them to good use.

Not finding out where your customers are

The internet is a big place, and so is the social sphere. You have to make an effort to know and locate where your customers hang out in order to connect with them. Conduct plenty of keyword searches at your chosen social sites to figure out where to best spend your energies.

Focusing on quantity over quality

Basic rule, and it applies to both your follows and the type of content you create. Needless to say, it is far better to have a laser targeted following, and produce smaller quantities of relevant and engaging content, rather than the other way around.

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