Infographic: What Makes The Perfect Blog Post?

Most of us are aware of what not to do when writing a blog post, but when it comes to what to do, there are a few best practices and small details some of the most successful bloggers employ.

Luckily, this richly designed infographic sheds light on many of these.

Using information gathered from 100 highly ranked blog post, it presents the statistics using simple color palettes, making information very easy to read. Published as a companion piece to a much more elaborate article, it showcases some essential indicators:

“Always interested in what goes into the best content we can publish, we recently performed an analysis of 100 top blog posts across a number of popular sites, including Forbes, Mashable, KISSMetrics and SearchEngineWatch. The data speaks for itself, but the conclusions are up to you.”

Most of these are essential tips, which many of you may already be aware of.

For example, the importance of images, the average number of links in each article, topic, and providing social sharing buttons. Although, I am not sure the number of characters in a title has any bearing on how successful a blog post is — even though titles are extremely important.

Click the infographic below to view the full high-resolution version.


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  • No exaggeration: this is one of the best and most helpful graphics I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much Melanie!!

  • Such beneficial analysis. It looks as though having multiple images and social buttons are almost a must-have in blog posts.

  • Super helpful! 🙂 Some of these numbers genuinely shocked me. For instance, I can’t believe that the average article had almost 10 links in them! Learn something new everyday..

  • The biggest trend I’ve noticed throughout these is some type of social interaction or sharing. Whether it’s social buttons, comments, links. I think it’s clear that this kind of sharing is a must to spread the word.

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