5 Signs Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working

Everyone should engage in social media, online business owners especially, but the reality is that social media is not for everyone. Social media marketing, that is.

It’s actually relatively easy to determine whether a particular social media strategy is working. There are telltale signals that shows this — no matter if it’s an individual, a startup or a large, established brand. All it takes is one sweeping look.

Here are 5 signs that show your social media strategy isn’t working:

You lack intentionality

Attitude, as always, is the biggest sign. Do you use social media to promote your businesses because you have to? Not because you enjoy doing it? An approach like this will not take long to come across to your fans and followers. Lack of excitement and intention only results in inconsistent posting.

Not to mention lack a distinct absence of engagement with your audience.

Here’s how to fix it: Things get tough here, if you audience has already sensed your lack of excitement, the missing passion. They use social sites because they love to, after all. If you do make your mind to be intentional and consistent in your use of social media, then the most important thing is to stick with it.

Set up a plan, post often and always respond to comments and questions timely. In time you’ll gain the trust of your customers back, and your efforts will pay off.

Your social media community isn’t growing

Numbers aren’t everything. Fact. It’s always better to have small amount of engaged fans and follower, than a large group that doesn’t care about your business. With that said, you do need growth, over time to build new relationships in your target market. This, too, is a fact.

Here’s how to fix it: There are a number of ways to resolve this issue. First is making sure that you post relevant content, and foster a sense of community amongst your followers. Keep the focus on customers, and always ensure that you’re posting content that interests them, not you.

No one interacts with your content

This, like it or not, is a serious problem. More so when starting out. If no one’s interacting with what you are posting, then the issue usually is with the content you’re creating and promoting. Relevancy is key here, but then again, it may have to do with the way you are promoting your content.

Here’s how to fix it: The best way around this is to look at what your competitors are doing. What success they’re having with content and user engagement. What their fans and followers are liking, sharing and commenting. Figure that out, and determine how you can incorporate that.

An important point to note here is never to indulge in too much self-promotion. Answer questions, ask for feedback, link to other resources and people, and respond to comments, instead of simply just leaving a link to your most recent blog post.

Your social post are a dead end

The basic rule of social media marketing is that all your efforts should tie into your overall marketing goals. Which is to say you always need to know how social fits into your marketing funnel — not doing so you risk missing out on huge opportunities.

Here’s how to fix it: Ideally (and somewhat simply), your social media posts should lead to your website, which makes people sign up for your newsletter or mailing list. That’s where most of your leads will be generated. Point being, always provide your audience with a chance to interact with you elsewhere.

Not seeing increased sales

Or conversions, for that matter. Measuring the ROI of your social media efforts is tricky, but you still should be able to see results, increased revenues and improved conversions.

Here’s how to fix it: If you’re not seeing increased revenues from your social media marketing, it may be that you’re not measuring it properly. Remember, the focus should always be on building and fostering relationships and serving your audience. This is what social media selling is all about, really.

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