15 Buzzwords You Can (And Should) Use In Your Blog Posts

Blogs are social endeavors, and creating blog posts that are share worthy is the goal of all bloggers. Now you can either follow a defined and distinct content marketing strategy, or rely on plain old luck to get some social love.

The latter, obviously, being the wrong way to go about it.

Successful bloggers have refined this art into science, and using high impact buzzwords is high in the list of factors that make readers share blog content — they create interest and trigger immediate action.

Here is a very brief list of 15 buzzwords that you can use, both in the titles and body content of your blog posts, in order to maximize social sharing:


Tried and tested, this word signifies to your readers that the content discusses authoritative factors related to the topic that can help them achieve their objectives quickly.


This word immediately catches the attention of readers, forming a sense of curiosity among them and making them want to explore your content further. Using this is an excellent way to increase shares.

You, Your

Arguably the most important words in this list, these two words change the voice of your content from third person to a direct conversation. Perfect for use in headlines as well as content.

What, Which, When, Where

What better ways to trigger social sharing than by asking questions? These buzzwords, when used in titles generate curiosity, and when used in the body content, keep your readers engaged throughout.


Science doesn’t always have to refer to something scientific. It can be used to describe calculated and documented stuff too, and therein lies the sheer power of this word.


Same case as with the word science, this one can be used in different contexts. And since it, too, generates curiosity amongst readers, it sparks off user engagement and social sharing.

Huge, Big

When it comes to colossal buzzwords, few are better than these two. They denote something extraordinary, and it creates an effect where your readers believe your content is worth reading.


Shortcuts. In today’s busy world, where no one seems to have enough time, everyone is looking for quick and easy ways to reach something that is normally hard. This, then, is a very tempting word to use.


No explanation needed. There is a reason why this is one of the more overused buzzwords in blog post, and that is because it shows readers that your content is highly focused and comprehensive.


We all need a little simplicity in life. And in our blog posts too. This word points towards quick and easy solutions for a particular problem or topic, and people love sharing content that is straightforward.

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  • A real random assortment of words! That’s not supposed to have a negative connotation to it, because I think it makes this post better. Covers tons of different areas you can sneak buzzwords into. Great post!

  • Science and History are two great ones. I honestly didn’t realize them until you put them here, but there’s definitely something about those two words that add instant credibility to what you’re saying.

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