Curate fresh content easily by using RebelMouse

The potential for content aggregation are immense, and one of the newest kids on the block is RebelMouse. This is an aggregator that offers an automated tool to curate fresh content automatically.

Or if you so prefer, semi-automatically.

You can compile data from different sources across the Internet and have it one convenient place ready for visitors to consumer or share. You get the ability to connect your social profiles, or tie your RebelMouse profiles to different social profiles, and then invite people to your profile page.

Want to combine aggregators? You are in good hands!

You can embed different sources, and RebelMouse will pull in the content using the embedded URL, including media. And with several content discovery options like social posts, social ads, email alerts, there never is a shortage of opportunity for content creators.

Check out the official website here, or go visit the RebelMouse Blog for more creative ideas on how you can create and use your profile. Just follow this link.

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  • I checked out the site and blog and it looks like a fantastic resource. Thanks for sharing something like this. Extremely helpful.

  • Elaine- Thank you for reminding me of RebelMouse. I just read a great businessinsider article on the company and it is’t a great resource. Glad you are sharing this with the readers.

  • Blown away by this! This is going to be a huge tool in years to come. My question is how much is it? Any idea, Elaine?

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