5 Easy Ways To Convert Instagram Traffic

Instagram is fast turning out to be one of the deals of the decade. The social site has just announced that it has surpassed 300 million active users, which makes it larger than Twitter.

And this traffic, if utilized correctly can bring amazing results for online marketers.

The trick is to correctly incorporate these Instagram users into your overall marketing mix or sales funnel. Once you have a solid strategy in place, and you start converting these visitors to your email list, it is smooth sailing and you can focus on increasing engagement on your Instagram profile.

Here are 5 easy ways to convert Instagram traffic, then:

A dedicated landing page for your Instagram visitors

The most basic, yet very often the most overlooked technique is making sure that whenever you direct your Instagram visitors to your website, you send them to a landing page customized specifically for them. This type of a page is also commonly known as a squeeze page. Appropriately.

On this special page, you recognize and welcome these visitors. With pleasantries out of the way, you can get down to the business of offering something compelling in return for these users signing up for your email list. It could be anything from an ebook to a simple infographic or any other download.

Post a video greeting

On your landing page, that is. A short video clip introduction is always a great way to build a personal connection with your visitors. No reason to aim for something elaborate here — a simple greeting and a brief explanation of why they should sign up for your email list or newsletter.

Share a digital coupon

Perfect for everyone, but particularly if you sell something on your website. Instagram is a great way to offer coupons, and these not only drive traffic and increase sales, but also build your list in the process. Better yet, offer a big discount, if you can, as not everyone is going to click for 5% of 10% off.

Free always works nicely, but exclusively free works wonders.

Promote a contest

While contests are a rage on Facebook, they’re also a pretty good bet on Instagram. When setting up one, make sure you ask people to leave their valid email address. And just like with coupons, offer something attractive and expensive enough for people to leave their details with you.

Multiple items is actually recommended here. Five medium ones are better than one big gift, and besides, it gives Instagram users more of an incentive to sign up for your list.

Share screenshots and photos of your content

Instagram is a visual social network, in how images pique the interest of these users. Quiet similar to Pinterest in many ways, so make the most of this medium by regularly giving your Instagram followers a taste of what to expect when they visit your website, or sign up for your list.

Just don’t spam them with content, but a little showcase of the members-only section on your website, ebooks and whitepapers goes a long way here.

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