Not working on your best idea? Well, you are probably wasting potential

There are few fields in life more in-depth and more time consuming than the Internet. Online marketing activities can easily lap up hours upon hours of a person’s time, any given Sunday.

Time management, then, becomes downright crucial.

And not just time management — prioritizing what you are working on is even more critical for success. Fact is that if you are not working on your best idea, you are not just wasting your time, you are wasting your potential for success.

This is a remarkably simple statement that most everyone will agree with.

Yet, most ignore it.

By circumstance or condition, most ignore it.

Instead they work on other smaller projects, side projects, or just making ends meet, making things work, maintaining the status quo. Get help if you need, seek some extra hands, outsource, hire a virtual assistant, an army of virtual assistants, if necessary.

But roll up your sleeves and start working on your best idea.

The easiest thing, by far, in online marketing is to get overwhelmed with so many different ideas that you lose track. Instead you do not get started with any of them. Bad mistake!

Only your best idea is worth your time and attention.

And if you feel it still is not the right time to tackle it, maybe you need a bit more experience, a bit more resources, you work towards solving those issues first. If you wait too long, someone else might implement your idea, implement it better, and take your market away from you.

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