Website of the day: The Glover Park Group

So today’s website of the day is a site I randomly came across while surfing the web the other day. It’s the website for a political pseudo consulting firm called the Glover Park Group.

The beauty of this site is that it seems really simple on the surface but shows all the signs of being very well thought through. It very simply and subtly describes (from left to right which is interesting) the following:

  • Why they exist – The Reason
  • Who they are – Our Team
  • How they work – The Approach
  • What they’ve done – The Work
  • Jobs they have available – The Opportunity
  • Current news about their team -The Latest

The site is headed in the right direction when they try and show their portfolio in “The Work” section. Unfortunately, that section is a little buggy and you can see flickering graphics for no good reason.

The Work section is pretty buggy but I like what they were trying to do
The Work section is pretty buggy but I like what they were trying to do

The bottom line is, this is a great example of a consulting firm doing more with less and taking the time to really think through the message. The added benefit of having a website that shows some thought leadership is that it gives the impression that these guys are thought leaders.

The major problem with corporate sites is that they add way too much information to their websites and probably don’t even have the analytics to show what parts of the site people have any interest in.

Less is always more and I think Glover Park Group is a great example.

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