How To Make New Visitors To Your Blog Feel Welcome

If you have been running your blog for a while now, chances are that you have a loyal following of readers. In this case it is easy to overlook new visitors, people that are newcomers to your blog.

Thing is, if you want your blog to grow, you need to strike a balance — cater to your regular readers, yet at the same time, make people that visit your blog for the first time feel welcome. You absolutely do not want them to be confused, and ensure that they are able to find their way around quickly and easily.

Here are a few pointers to make new visitors feel welcome, and covert them to regular readers.

Uncluttered Sidebar

Most new visitors arrive on a blog post, not the homepage. The sidebar of your blog, then becomes vitally important, as this is the first thing people will turn to when looking for something. Make sure that it is neat and shipshape, preferably with a short about section, blog categories and a list of top posts.

An Updated About Page

Your regular readers are rarely going to click the ‘About’ page of your blog, unless they are seeking some specific information, many newcomers will often head there if they like what they see on your blog. Outdated content here is not going to make them feel welcome, that is a given. Refresh regularly.

Make It Easy To Follow

If a new visitor enjoys your blog, personal or business, they will want to subscribe. Make sure it is easy for them to do so. Include social links, RSS feed, and an option to subscribe via email. In fact, you might not want to use the word ‘subscribe’ per se, as some might think they have to pay. Use ‘follow’ instead.

Describe a Series of Posts

Easy to assume that everyone has read previous posts in a series. If you are partway through a series of blog posts on a particular topic, then you should let newcomers know by including an introductory line or two at the very top. No one likes to read a story from the halfway point.

Respond To Comments

Another thing that newcomers take note of. Always make it a point to respond to comments in a timely fashion. This creates serious impact, as readers, particularly first time visitors, know that are you easily accessible. Perfect way to meet new readers and bond with your fresh audience.

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  • Very helpful! I have found responding to comments makes the readers and commenters feel as though they’re being heard and that there’s a little more of a personal feel to it. I’d highly recommend this to anyone with a blog.

  • Great tips Marcus. If visitors do not feel welcome when they come to your site, they are extremely unlikely to want to stick around. I think all of these tips will aid in creating a welcoming site for newcomers. A big key for startup websites.

  • I love all these tips. One thing I would say though is that your sidebar is following me as I scroll up or down a page. It has a social aspect, which is nice, but it makes it feel cluttered and everything harder to read.

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