5 Tips On Using Twitter Marketing Images

Marketing is hard as it is, but promoting your online businesses or websites on social networks is even trickier. The knack is to get maximum yield for the time you spend on social media.

The utmost return in terms of brand awareness, click-throughs, shares and retweets, what have you.

When it comes to Twitter, though, using images on this site is a surefire way to increase your exposure. People, your potential customers, love to share images and photos on Twitter with their followers, and these type of tweets can make a big difference in your promotional efforts.

However, it’s not just about posting pictures on Twitter — anyone can do that. It’s about the type of images you post, and how you post them that bring the results. It’s all in the strategies, here.

With that being said, here are 5 tips on how to best use Twitter marketing images:

Use the native image uploader

If you want maximum retweets, that is. Statistics show that tweets that have images uploaded directly to Twitter are almost twice as likely to be retweeted, where as those uploaded via Twitpic had this figure at around 60%. Instagram and Facebook links are even less likely to be retweeted.

Keep it native, if you want the most coverage for your images.

Combine images with words

Don’t underestimate the impact of photos and pictures that have words in them. An attractive image is great, but one with a memorable or descriptive text is greater. It’s like taking things into overdrive, the next level. Use motivational, inspirational or humorous sentences or quotes.

Even if you are just sharing a link to blog post you wrote, it’s absolutely worth creating an image for it.

Take advantage of your header image

Undoubtedly the most important aspect of your Twitter profile, your header image is the first thing people see when they view your page. Make the most of it. Try and include a special design, with your website URL, a photo of yourself or logo, along with any awards and accolades, if you can.

This is one area where you can put your business in great light, with minimum effort.

Post animated GIFs

Twitter very recently started offering the ability to view and share animated GIFs. Upload an image in the GIF format the same way you would any other image, and people can view, and even play or pause your animated image, just as if it were a video.

Animated GIFs are an amazing way to grab the attention of your followers and earn retweets.

Set up a Twitter card

Another very useful tactic you can employ is the use of Twitter cards. These allow you to add rich information to your tweets that can help increase the number of clicks and retweets you receive. You can showcase your products by including an image, a description and a few other key details.

If you are yet to set up Twitter cards, then here are some more details on this very useful option.

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