7 Secrets Of High Converting Sign Up Pages

You already know this, but fact is that getting people to sign up for your email list is more than just slapping a shiny little opt in box on the sidebar of your blog or website.

Sure, you will get a few sign ups this way, but a dedicated sign up page is the real deal.

This special page is designed with one single purpose in mind — directing visitors to it, and then making them sign up for your email list. You can even direct your social media traffic to this special page, or another variant of it, and increase your signups.

Here are 7 tips to creating high converting sign up pages:

Explain the Benefits

And explain them very clearly. You need to plainly define what’s in it for them. Simply asking people to join your list may have worked in the early 90s, but these days you need to outline the benefits like access to unique information, tools, downloads, exclusive access to webinars, and all that.

Meet Expectations

People don’t like really appreciate bait and switch. More so, if it is glaringly obvious. When they make a decision to go to a sign up page, they have a clear idea of what to expect. If they do not find what they came in for, or do not see what they were hoping to see before clicking, they will not sign up.

Keep It Simple

As simple as possible. The less information you ask for, the better. Only ask what you need, make it painfully easy for visitors to sign up. In most cases it could mean only asking for their email address, or first name and email. Put up a long and convoluted form, and people will hit the close button.

Use Buttons

Rather than text, that is. There is a general consensus that buttons usually convert better than text links. And they also afford you more options to play around with the size, color, wording and placement than text only call to actions.

Have a Minimal Design

Or in other words, have as few distractions as possible. Easy in, easy out. You want your visitors that are coming to sign up be focused on one thing only — signing up. Every element on your page should lead to that goal. Remove everything else, including elements like navigation bars, sidebars, and extra links.

Include Testimonials

Testimonials are very powerful, but often overlooked. Having unbiased third parties convey the benefits of signing up works wonders. If you have received positive feedback from your subscribers, ask them if you can include that quote on your opt in page. A photo, video or full name adds even more credibility.

Test Regularly

It goes without saying, but the most important piece of the puzzle here is regularly testing and trying variations of your sign up pages to see what works for you. Adding an image, or removing a few words can have a dramatic effect on conversion rates. Test everything, no matter how small.

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  • Nice set of guidelines to follow. I’ve found getting visitors is challenging, but not impossible. But turning those visitors into customers or returning visitors is even harder. These tips should definitely help make it easier in that regard.

  • Testimonials! Simple but effective advice. I just heard someone I respect today say that you can talk about how great your product or service is until you’re red in the face, but it’ll only get you so far. However, hearing from others, goes a long way!

  • Meeting expectations is awesome advice. Like most things in life, honesty pays off. Most people are smart enough to see through lies and tricks, so honest is still the best policy. At least in my experience! 🙂

  • The buttons secret is interesting. On one hand it makes sense, but it’s still a little surprising to me that it makes such a difference from links. Is there more data behind this? I’d love to see it!

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