5 Best Pricing And Comparison Table Plugins For WordPress

Comparison tables are important. Not only do they make your reviews and lists look great, they are also appreciated by visitors, helping make all the features of the products clear in less time. Which in turn leads to higher conversion rates and more sales.

Web visitors always love crisply laid out information, as opposed to something that is scattered around in a long and lengthy blog post. Creating these comparison tables is not the easiest job in the world, however, you need the right skills to craft more elaborate ones.

Luckily, a number of WordPress plugins are available that make this a breeze. Here are 5 of them:


Go Responsive Pricing

One of the best solutions available, this one comes with more than 90 predesigned table templates and over 300 icons. Support for videos and images in the pricing table make this a great choice for affiliate marketers. Setup will take time, though, as there is no option to import content from Excel sheets.
Price: $17


WordPress Pricing Table Pro

Rich in design, this one is an easy drag and drop solution to build pricing and comparison tables. In terms of templates, you get around 50 designs, and shortcode support is also included. Unlimited number of columns, with the ability to highlight the best product.
Price: $16


WordPress Pricing Tables

Designed by the folk over at customizewp.com, this simple pricing table comes with a clean and elegant design with hover effects for ribbons and buttons. You can also include billing periods, and HTML support means that images and videos can be manually added.
Price: $15


Pure CSS Responsive Pricing

This is your bet if you need a clean CSS based pricing table for WordPress. You can insert an unlimited number of columns, and the design, including icons, is clear and flat. The tables are responsive, and 21 sets of yes and no icons are provided. No support for videos and images, however.
Price: $15


Easy Pricing Table

The only free pricing table on this list, this one is true to its name and very easy to set up. The designs may be very basic, but the feature list is high, and it is also mobile responsive. No icons, images, videos and tooltip support in this one, but it serves the purpose if you want a basic, free solution.
Price: Free

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  • I’m leaning toward the last one because it’s free, but they all seem like solid choices. I’m grateful that you made me aware of this Sarah.

    One other question: any particular reason the first couple of pictures are in a different language?

  • I’ve heard the best things about Go Responsive, but it is also the most expensive. I’m going to start with the free program and go from there if necessary. Thanks for posting.

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