5 Simple Ways To Grow Your Email List

With more than 3.6 billion email accounts, email continues to be the most affordable and measurable channel for promotion and marketing. However, using a small and outdated list is the right way for small returns for your efforts.

Truth is that your email list has to continually grow, new members should be added, and old ones have to be kept engaged for you to get any worthwhile results from your newsletters.

Below are 5 easy ways to grow your email list:

Offer remarkable value

The best way to capture email contacts is via your website using forms and landing pages. But visitors are not just going to give you their email address if they do not get anything valuable and useful in return. Give them what they actually want — whitepapers, free ebooks, videos, reports, checklists.

Make your offers easy to find

Even if you offer your visitors the planet Saturn, you have to make sure that your offer is impossible to miss. Because if it is not, the people will miss it. Your offers have to be relevant, visible and easy to locate, preferably above the fold on your homepage. Maybe even on the header of the page.

Run a contest

Contests are an amazing technique for growing your email list. People love free stuff, and they love winning even more. Add two and two together. You can even keep the stakes small, a gift certificate, a free t-shirt or anything. Done right, you can grow your email list by the hundreds, every time.

Promote, promote, promote

If you have some amazing content, it is no good keeping it hidden. You need to let people know about it. Reach out to them via social channels and dangle your downloads and contests in front of them. You may not be able to directly sell your product on social outlets, but at least you can spread awareness.

Sharpen up your message

You have spent all this time creating a great product or an unbeatable offer that you want to use to capture email addresses, but it could all go to waste if your message is not refined enough. Clearly explain the benefits and spell out what is in it for them. The more you tell, the more they will react.

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  • Nice and simple enough tips. From my experience, running a contest or promotion has always seemed to be the best and most consistent way to add users to my email list.

  • Some solid points and suggestions here Marcus. I think these all add up to the bigger message of the bigger your audience, the better chance you have of making some sales. That’s the goal.

  • What about exchanges Marcus? What I mean is finding someone that may have a similar demographic and exchanging lists. Have you tried this?

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