5 Ways You Can Promote Your Business On LinkedIn

The question on your mind right now is why LinkedIn? Why not Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest? The answer is that you should not ignore these popular social media portals in order to focus on LinkedIn.

But LinkedIn is unmatched when it comes to professional networking and business promotion.

It provides users with a variety of ways to promote their brands by creating a business profile, building a network of contacts and participating in discussions. No matter if you are a consumer oriented service or target other businesses, there is a massive potential here to improve your presence on social media.

Here are 5 effortless ways to promote your business on LinkedIn:

Your Profile

Everything starts here. Think of this as an extended business card. Users may come to your profile when searching for your online business via search engines, or they may be directed here by you. Make a good impression here, and invite them to find out more about the products and services that you offer.


Join groups that are related to your business or industry and be an active participant. Ask questions, provide answers and deliver solutions. Not only does this sharing of knowledge and opinions create trust and engagement, this is one place where you can actually target your potential customers directly.


Thanks to a recent update that LinkedIn introduced, all users can become content creators and publish their work. Better yet, all members will be able to read what you publish, no matter if you are connected with them or not. Writing about your business topics is a neat way to build interest and a positive image.

Advanced Search

This social network offers a powerful advanced search option that makes it easy to find and track your target audience, including potential business partners, group representative, and even competing brands. Just type in the keywords about your industry or a company, and get instant results.

LinkedIn Ads

All the aforementioned features are free, but LinkedIn also offers paid advertisements that you can use to gain new customers. You can market your promotions and reach a large group of potential clients across the globe. A very effectual solution for business oriented brands.

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