5 features of a great mobile website

The web is going through a major change, the likes of which have not been seen since the early 90s when Internet was still in its infancy. The mobile revolution has hit the web, and how!

Thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablets, Internet marketers have woken up to the idea of mobile-first design. Companies too, are now finally onboard the idea of mobile devices assisting in promotion and driving sales. All this has transitioned over to the areas of web design, testing and optimization.

Here is a list of 5 great features that make for a lovely web experience on mobile:

Call to action on first page load

When it comes to mobile sites, it is always a good idea to ensure that important details are visible on one screen, the first screen, along with a call to action. Folds might work on desktop, but no one likes to scroll through endless screens of information on mobile.

Multiple payment methods

If you have an ecommerce site, having multiple payment methods is a sure-fire way to enable trust. Security is a major consideration on mobile, particularly for older demographics. In fact, a recent study by Think Insights revealed that nearly 46% of users do not trust credit card security on mobile.

Offering as many payment methods as possible for users not only allows them to choose the ones they trust, but also streamlines the checkout process and filling out of forms. Which brings us to…

Autofill and prepopulated forms

Needless to say, you should always work to reduce the work a customer has to do from their mobile device. Autofill and forms that are prepopulated (for example the date filter automatically set to today) bring convenience and expediency to the mobile experience.

Speed and simplicity

The very basics. Speedy cellular access is not yet available everywhere, and even where it is, it is not affordable enough for everyone. Reducing the size of your mobile site and quickening the load times is essential. Simplicity, obviously, helps in this regard.

Mirroring an operating system

Although a good user interface, particularly on mobile, is often about offering an intuitive experience, designing a dedicated mobile site with the looks and feel of a mobile OS (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) significantly increases the ease of use for customers.

Admittedly, this is something that can be difficult for most businesses, but on the flipside it brings customer indulgence, and is the type of smartphone functionality a mobile user expects to see.

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  • Nice list, Elaine. While I think all are important on some level, there’s no doubt that speed and simplicity is most important for me. If a website has too much going on or takes too long to load, then I won’t think twice of leaving. Definitely a key for mobile sites.

  • Because of my trouble with autofill technology on mobile sites, I almost never buy something from my phone. It makes it too tedious and time consuming. I think that’s an astute point, Elaine.

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