3 Powerful Ways To Start A Blog Post

Ever had a great idea that you wanted to write about? It so often happens that bloggers come up with a great title for the post, but then struggle to begin their posts. The introduction is absolutely crucial, after all, and you just have to get that early part right.

The first few lines or paragraphs of your posts are what draw readers in and lead them to read the rest of your blog post. You don’t want to make the wrong impression early on.

So here are three powerful (but easy) ways to come out swinging and begin strong:

Tell a story

Or rather, a short story. We all love stories, and using a funny or inspiring one to introduce your topic is a good way to explain why the post matters. Even better is a story about a mistake you made, as it makes you seem more human and real to your audience. Just keep the stories short and to the point.

Example: When I met Kim at the end of January, she invited me to learn computer programming at our local community training center.

Ask a question

This value technique is a favorite for many bloggers. Just glance at the top of this post for an example. Questions are a great way to get readers thinking, and as a result, they engage with your post right from the start. Obviously, you have to follow up on your promise of delivering helpful information.

Example: Are subdomains bad for SEO?

Quote another writer

Quoting another blogger or writer, or even a funny or provocative saying is another neat way of opening a post. Not only does it show that your post is part of a broader conversation, it also lends a sense of authority to what you write. Keep it short, though, and always name and link to the original author.

Example: So I was reading a post by Jason Kottke the other day about the end of @everyword.

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