Optinmonster and the reason internet marketers love popup scripts

You’re on your favorite website reading some content that’s valuable to you and really getting into the heart of it and then – whoosh, there it is – the popup.

Most of you are mildly irritated and will close it and continue reading what you’re reading. Some of you will get really angry and leave the website (a tiny minority).

In my other life as a technology blog owner, I have captured over 100,000 email addresses using popups.

Here’s the kicker – if the popup is done well enough, a good number of you will engage and leave your email address.

Ladies and gentlemen, the reason online business people put up popups is simple – they absolutely work.

While most people who read a website will leave and never come back, the popup is the PERFECT way of capturing a visitor and slowly/elegantly converting them into a follower, brand respecter and then a customer.

In my other life as a technology blog owner, I have captured over 100,000 email addresses using popups. On one of my high traffic sites a while ago, at one point I was doing 350 to 600 emails a day. I was paying Aweber over $400/month to host my list at one point. It was ridiculous! ….in a great way of course. 🙂

On behalf of every web business owner I have to say to you the reader “deal with it”. You’re getting content for free, the least you could do is decide whether you will establish a relationship with me in 3 seconds. It’s not rocket science.

Anyway, I have tried pretty much every popup script out there and my NEW favorite is Optinmonster. I say new favorite because Pop Up Domination was king to me for quite a while.

Optinmonster has a better interface, uses Google fonts, is easier to configure, has less bugs, has more features and on and on.

Popup Domination is the old standby but if you want to (quickly) make beautiful and subtle popup scripts, you have to check out Optinmonster.

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  • Heck yeah they work! I think People have started to accept them though. Just the cost of mooching free content in 2014 (I kid).

    • I know you’re joking, but it’s true. Some of my favorite sites require answering surveys to get access for a week. It’s the price we pay to get tons and tons of free content. A lot better than the alternatives of paying for it all.

  • I’m usually a reader, so I obviously hate popups. However, I’ve never thought of it from this perspective. A really astute observation. I guess now I know why I encounter them ALL the time. Effective? Yes. Annoying? You bet.

  • 100,000 email addresses is nice work, Onuora! I agree with you completely and you backed it up with data. I think this is a necessary evil at this point for the internet to work as a business channel.

  • $400 a month for that kind of output isn’t too shabby at all. Great points made here, Onuora. I will consider this as I move forward.

  • Love this article! You’re dead on per usual. I’m not familiar with Optinmonster, but I’m going to check it out tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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