4 tools to find out who isn’t following you back on Twitter

The importance of Twitter in your online marketing strategy cannot be overstated. But half the power here lies in finding out who is connected with you. And while you might follow someone, chances are that they may not always return the favor. Luckily, you can use some neat tools to find users that are not following you back, and even detect inactive users on Twitter.

Here is a list of 4 such tools, all of them free to use:


Sign in via your Twitter account here, and you get access to all sorts of lists, including who is inactive on the network, users that are not following you back, and suspected spam accounts. Then easily unfollow users you want with a simple click.


This free tool is a great way of finding new users to connect with. Just input a keyword or phrase, and you will get a list of popular influential on Twitter that fit your description. You can, obviously, also search for people who don’t follow you, and people who you do not follow.


A simple yet helpful tool that allows you to see users that have interacted with you in the past. These include accounts that either you are following, or those have followed you. Surprisingly powerful and flexible, you get various layout options in list, grid, button and table formats.


Friend or Follow
The free flavor of Friend or Follow allows you to sort and categorize Twitter users by a number of different factors (like whether they are verified, how frequently they tweet). You can take a look at your Instagram and Tumblr followers too. The UI might be just a tad imposing, however.

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  • Marcus, thanks for the great options here! These are extremely helpful options. Is there one program that you would recommend as the clear best?

  • Managefilter appears to be particularly great! I love the idea of knowing which users are inactive. Figuring that out is even more important than who’s following to me!

  • Incredibly helpful tools. I appreciate you sharing and explaining them Marcus. All 4 do different things, but each of them serve a purpose for almost all businesses trying to market on social media. In my opinion, I think TwitNerd may be my favorite and the best.

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