Infographic: Email Delivery Tips

Email is serious business. Email marketing, even more crucially significant. Even in this day and age of social connectivity, this permission based marketing directly to subscribers reigns supreme.

But with loaded inboxes and unsubscribe links right within the messages, it doesn’t take much for anyone looking for an excuse to get off your list. And this is even without talking about your emails being blocked, automatically directed to spam folders, or getting deleted before being opened.

Worse yet — they could be reported as spam!

Unless you go in prepared, and have the right knowledge, email marketing may not bring in the desired results. Along with these abovementioned considerations, you also have to take into account the presentation of your email communique.

You have to make sure your images are being delivered (instead of blank placeholders with no alternative text), they are the right resolution and do not appear fuzzy for those with high-resolution screens, and are responsive for those that open your email on mobile devices.

Luckily, this checklist for online marketers offers a collection of email delivery tips.

These 28 nuggets of information cover nearly everything you need to look out for before hitting the Send button. You are briefly walked through email delivery, email client compatibility, inbox previews, along with a splattering of statistics on these topics, to go with best practices.

Nothing overly detailed, but it does offers handy pointers on how to ensure everything you send looks good and works right. You can even download a printable version if you want.

Click the infographic below to view the full high-resolution version.


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