Infographic: What Will The Internet Look Like In 100 Years?

We live in interesting times. In an age where there Internet is always available and accessible for many people. From connecting via dialup connections to having multiple devices in homes and offices that are constantly connected to the web.

All that in a matter of a decade, and some.

But thinking what form the Internet will be in the next century is very much beyond anyone’s vision. Sure, the devices will be mobile, and much more powerful, but what form the connected world will take in say a 100 years from now, that is hard to guess.

This infographic tries to answer this question:

“Wearable technology and augmented reality are coming to a year near you. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are tipping into the mainstream. Internet-giving balloons and delivery drones will soon be battling for air space. Dog translation hardware is close to reality.”

More than predictions, it focuses on current technologies that will probably be expanded and refined upon in the years to come, including new forms of connectivity (Project Loon), the so called Internet of Everything, and also touches upon topics like online security and privacy.

Forget 100 years, where do you see the Internet in the next 20?

Is it going to be a simple evolution of currently available technologies, or do you believe something revolutionary is just around the corner? Leave your prophetic thoughts in the comments!

Click the infographic below to view the full high-resolution version.


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