Infographic: Tablet Growth Statistics

With smartphones already having established their dominance, attention is shifting towards the tablet world. Rising sales, increasing usage, and improving models are only the part of the story.

These perfectly mobile devices are now used for everything from meetings to business trips, education and all sorts of online activities — including ecommerce. There is an ever increasing number of avid tablet users that now make their purchases right from their mobile devices.

This informative new infographic goes over the explosive rise of tablet devices, along with key metrics of these slates, trends, and consumer behavior and the growth of tablet commerce:

“In 2013 tablet sales exploded, increasing an impressive 68% to reach 195.4 million units worldwide. With global sales expected to hit 1 billion units by 2017, it has become essential for executives at every level to understand the significance of tablets and how they influence the purchasing cycle and overall consumer engagement.”

With the desktop market absolutely decimated, and declining sales of laptops, attention is fast shifting towards tablets. And this also brings into the frame some essential strategy shifts.

You now have to ensure that not only is your website responsive to tablet usage, but if you require action from your visitors (such as signing up to a newsletter, or buying your products), then you have to arrange for significant improvements in visitor engagement.

Fact is that tablet users do prefer specific activities, and providing that experience they seek can lead to a dramatic increase in conversions.

Click the infographic below to view the full high-resolution version.


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  • The infographics on this blog are always top notch. Great information of always. It’s clear that tablets are enormously important in today’s business market.

  • How and where graphic is the best one in my opinion. Super helpful for anyone who wants to know things to help market tablets or products sold on tablets. Outstanding post!

  • I found the UK vs US breakdown fascinating. Marcus, they have different statistics side by side, but it seems to me more people own tablets in the UK than the US. Is that a safe assumption?

  • 30% of households with internet access own at least one tablet- that seems like a surprisingly low number to me considering the households have internet. I would’ve expected around 40-50% at this point. A helpful informative post. Nicely done.

  • Great, great infographic on tablet growth here. One of the best blog posts you guys have done here. Keep it up! 🙂

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