3 Mistakes Business Blogs Make, And How To Fix Them

Blogging may not be the easiest job in the world, but business blogging is even harder. Particularly if you are attempting to attract visitors and initiate conversations with your customers via your business blog.

However, like most things in online businesses, it all comes down to small, yet crucial factors that determine success. Even if your cover your bases well, and put up great content, you have to perfect your execution and present things in an enticing and engaging manner.

So here are 3 mistakes your business blogs could be making, and how to fix them:

Inconsistent Schedule

Nothing tanks a great business blog than a drop off in posting. You know the feeling, you stumble upon a neat blog, bookmark it, and return a few days later to find no new posts. Creating content is time consuming, agreed, but you just have to find a solution to this problem.

Fix: Use multiple authors. If you have a large organization, task different authors across your company to post and schedule time each week for blogging. If you are a small setup, hire a helping hand or two via outsourcing. Also keep a running list of content ideas, write them down in a document.

A Visual Disaster

If your blog is disorganized, has no images, graphics, or is downright ugly, you have got a problem on your hand. Personal blogs and blogs set up solely to make money from advertising may get away with this, but if you are running a business one, you just have to make it look pleasing to the eyes.

Fix: Strategic images. You do not want to splatter your blog posts with photos and paste all sorts of art, but images that grab attention of your readers and enhance your content. Seeing hugs blocks of text is an immediate turn off, while images pull visitors in. Also install a good theme, and refine the navigation.

Lack of Social Media Share Buttons

According to a recent report from BI Intelligence, Americans spend on average 37 minutes daily on social media. This is more than any other online activity including email. Your target audience is not going to find your business blog if it is not being promoted on these websites.

Fix: Simple. Your content needs to be shared, and including a few social share buttons will not only help with reader engagement, but also ensures that your blog gains some traction on these social websites. Insert these buttons promotes your content for free, while also providing some social validation.

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  • Great advice. I would add to the first one that there is a way to schedule what time you want your blog posted at ahead of time to find the optimal time for readership and also make sure you’re running on a consistent schedule.

    • I learned this in a course I took a few years back. It’s an extremely helpful feature and tip to consider that’ll aid any blogger in posting their blog at the peak time on a set schedule.

  • Thanks for the fix suggestions. I am a culprit of these mistakes from time to time and it’s nice to have some ideas to change the problems.

  • I haven’t thought much about the social buttons, but it’s certainly a valid point. Every blog/website with articles I read has a share this button and I think that helps spread the word and traffic. Good point!

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