Thrive Architect Review

Welcome to my Thrive Architect Review.

In August, I talked about my excitement about the upcoming WordPress page builder from Thrive Themes – Thrive Architect. I was excited because Thrive Themes has quickly become one of my favorite online business enablers.

The company makes a series of useful products that enable you to maximize your use of WordPress for your business.Now, they have released the newest product in their stable of products – Thrive Architect.

What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is a wide reaching upgrade to their Thrive Content Builder product which enables you to create professional grade posts and pages in WordPress.

A little history lesson may be in order here.

Back in the day (because I’m old apparently), we built web pages in HTML and had to build each page individually because there was no simple way to manage the content.If you made a site wide change, you had to open each page of your site and make that change there.

WordPress changed all that.

As the world’s leading Content Management System, combined with CSS, WordPress enabled content creators to more efficiently and effectively manage the content on their websites.While that solved one problem, it didn’t solve another major problem.

The WordPress interface was good for basic content and images but for more sophisticated landing pages it was useless!

You had to get a professional designer and developer to build you a page that looked half decent otherwise your sales page would suck! I know from experience because mine did.

The age of WordPress Page Builders

Every problem gets solved by innovation and eventually a few smart people started building more sophisticated graphical user interfaces that would extend WordPress and make it easier for the average user to build nice looking pages.

The most famous one was Visual Composer which (still) does a very decent job of building decent looking landing pages and sophisticated content in WordPress.

Thrive Themes created a fantastic competitor called Thrive Content Builder which has now been upgrade to Thrive Architect.

The Power of Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect Interface

Once installed, Thrive Architect gives you the ability to create amazing WordPress pages.

It creates a series of menus on the left side of the interface that allow you to drag and drop different useful elements into your page and post.

They use a simple philosophy of “click to edit” – i.e. If you want to change something, you click on it and you’ll see your edits instantly. If you want to move something, you click, drag and drop.You can use the tool to build:

High performing home pages

Thrive Architect Homepage samples

With Thrive Architect, you can use one of their templates or build a beautiful, professional looking homepage or improve the layout on your existing homepage by adding things like columns, horizontal opt-in forms, a stylish gallery of your blog posts, social share icons and more.

High performing sales pages

Thrive Architect Sales PagesAs I said before, if you’ve ever tried to build a sales page using the WordPress editor, you know for sure that it wasn’t made to build the kind of layout you need on a sales page.

Thrive Architect comes with everything you need to build stunning sales pages.

High performing landing pages

Thrive Architect Landing PagesThe team at Thrive provide you with dozens of optimized landing pages you can use to present your free offers and grow your mailing list.

Better looking blog posts

Better looking blog postsClever content marketers have long known that well formatted content, including things like highlight boxes, styled lists, images and other media, click-to-tweet quotes and more, get much higher engagement.

You have access to all of those elements in the Thrive Architect toolbox.

Great Webinar and launch pages

Better looking webinar and launch pagesWith Thrive Architect, you can easily build all the pages you need to announce, get leads for and expire a live webinar event. The product also integrates with Thrive Leads so you can do a lot of sexy integration with their world class suite of lead tools.

It’s all pretty amazing stuff…

Great looking tools - Thrive Architect Review

My overall ratings

This tool is amazing and a game changer.I used it to make this landing page in 3 hours based on a rough requirements draft. I’m not a professional designer by any means but it enables me to do really sexy things with WordPress.

It comes with over 80 beautifully designed and 100% conversion focused landing page templates and it’s simply the fastest way to create professional looking sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages and more, that are instantly publishable yet still completely customizable.

In addition, the company is really amazing and their customer support is second to none.The tool is available now and if you want to really make your WordPress content POP – get yourself a copy of Thrive Architect by clicking the button below.

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