Apple Macbook Pro Review

This is my Apple Macbook Pro Review. Having been involved with computing technology for three decades now, I’ve worked on countless Windows, Mac and Linux based machines.

Heck I was even the owner/editor of one of the largest independent Windows blogs on the web and I wrote and edited most of my Windows day to day content on my Macbook Pro.

The Apple MacBook Pro is what I rely on now as my primary tool of the trade. It is what I use through the day, in and out of my office, when I travel, everywhere.

Why a Mac?

Apple Macbook Pro Review

Before I get down to the details, let me tell you why I ended up taking the Mac road. When cost is not a concern, then these macOS powered machines make for a better choice due to their ease of use, simplicity, and more than that, durability.

Yes, you can get a cheaper Windows laptop with better specifications than my MacBook Pro but the real value proposition of Macs is that they just work.

They may be less customizable and feature rich in some areas, but I know that I can work on my laptop without worrying about any major bugs or threatening malware.

They may not be as overwhelming a choice as it was a few years back, but Macs still have their advantages. Primarily, when it comes to hardware quality, reliability, and streamlined software solutions that make the best use of the features added to the platform.

I haven’t used a Windows PC for work in almost 5 years and haven’t missed a thing.

My MacBook Pro is critical to my business, what I primarily use, and what I would recommend to you if you want a secure, stable and speedy option for your business.


Start using the MacBook Pro and the first thing you will notice is that it screams quality. With a solid build, refined edges, and balanced weight the device looks and feels even more premium than it is — and that’s saying something!

Underneath, you’ll find some really capable hardware.

I opted for the lower end Core i7 model, as it provided the best balance of price and performance for my needs. My MacBook is powered by a 2.8GHz quad-core Intel chip that works in tandem with 8GB of memory and a 256GB SSD for storage.

Nothing too extreme, but still one of the most power-packed packages you can get on a laptop these days. Speakers are loud, and the trackpad, best in the market.

And it flies, no matter what task I throw at it – even  with just 8GB of RAM, I am able to open up multiple tabs in Chrome, play media files, have Photoshop open and much more without breaking a sweat.

That screen, oh that screen

Apple Macbook Pro Retina Screen

The Retina 2880 x 1800 pixels display is an absolute delight, with accurate and vibrant colors, and an adequate level of brightness that makes it great when working long hours.

This is a screen that will ruin your ability to use most Windows PC’s once you get used to it. The high resolution makes working a productive experience, as you get extra screen real estate and workspace in your apps.

The experience

Apple Macbook Pro Touch Bar

So far, I’ve talked about the hardware, without mentioning what are perhaps the three most innovative and different features, even for a long-time Mac user like me.

They have a large impact on the overall experience of the laptop, and frankly, require some time to get used to.

Apple has included the Touch Bar in these newer MacBook Pro models, replacing the function keys that have occupied the top of the keyboard, since pretty much forever. It changes automatically depending on what I am doing, showing me relevant tools and options.

You also get Touch ID for instant logins and faster, more secure online payments.

And finally, the keyboard comes with what Apple calls the butterfly mechanism, which it says allows for greater comfort and responsiveness. This is something that takes the most getting used to. You should most definitely expect a break-in period as some of the keys are slightly stiff out the box.

Other than that, usage is very much you would expect from a powerful personal computer like this. But all these little details combine to craft a really unique experience — one that you will certainly not find anywhere else.


This device changed my life and my business. I haven’t had to worry about viruses, malware, Tuesday updates, refreshes and more in years. It just works, is reliable and is beautiful to look at.

It is my daily window into the web and I have to say, while it takes a couple of weeks to get used to using a Mac, once you go Mac, you certainly never go back.


  • Solid build quality
Top tier performance
  • Suitable for all workloads
  • Great screen
  • Battery life


  • Not the most affordable laptop around
Keyboard requires getting used to
Limited ports selection

It’s expensive but I have to say is the best personal computing device on the planet. You can get Macbooks and Macbook Pro’s at your local Apple Store or here on

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