Review – Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Headphones

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing the products I have recommended on my online business resources page. Those are all the tools I have used successfully to build several online businesses.

Today, I want to talk about the only headphones I would ever recommend – the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones.

The basic stuff

I don’t really do conventional reviews because you can get that anywhere but here’s what you need to know about these headphones.

bose quiet comfort 35

Available in black or silver models, the QuietComfort 35 has a matte finish and very little in the way of flashy design accents. they are supremely comfortable, with plush padding in the ear-pads and on the underside of the headband.

The right earcup holds all of the controls on the outside panel, including a Power/Pairing switch, a multifunction button (for playback, call management, and track navigation), and dedicated volume controls (which work in conjunction with your device’s master volume levels).

There are also LED indicators for battery life and Bluetooth status, as well as a connection port for the included micro USB charging cable.

Pairing is a simple and quick process. It can be done via your device’s Bluetooth menu, or simply tapping to pair with NFC.

What I love about these headphones

These headphones are amazing and quickly became a vital part of my online business setup.

20 hours of battery life! OMG.

First of all, you don’t realize what it’s like to have 20 hours of battery life until you take the 12 hour flight from California to London and your buddy (who is wearing Zik Parrots) has to stop using his halfway through.

Bose estimates the QC 35 has a battery life of roughly 20 hours (in Bluetooth mode) or 40 hours (in wired listening mode), but your results will also vary with your volume levels.

When the battery finally dies, you can still listen passively via the cable, but the active noise cancellation and digital signal processing (DSP) will not function.

Noise Cancellation

Bose invented active noise cancellation and has always been a step ahead of the competition. To me, it seems that the QC 35 is the most effective noise cancellation you will find in commercially available headphones.

The QC 35 eliminates powerful sounds like the rumble of an airplane, a train, coffee shop chatter or the whir of an air conditioning unit so if you want top-of-the-line noise cancellation, this is it.

I like to work in coffee shops and malls and these headphones are awesome! They cut out most of the sound and allow you to focus on what you’re doing or music you’re listening to.

Music Quality

They are great for music as well. I replaced my BEATS by Dre headphones for these and haven’t really missed anything. These are premium headphones so as you can imagine, the quality of the sound is pretty top notch.

The bottom line

When you combine the great sound, amazing noise cancellation and the battery life, it’s a wrap! There are no other headphones that can even touch these.

They are pricey at $350 so you may want to save up BUT I can assure you, they are well worth it.

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