Struggling To Come Up With A Killer Headline? Use These 4 Tips

Bloggers, writers, editors, even business owners know the value of an attention grabbing title. Along with perhaps an accompanying image, it usually is the first thing that readers see.

A good title works wonder — it piques the interest of your audience and makes them want to read what you have written. And it does not even have to be a blog post, a title could even be for some marketing piece that you have put together, an infographic, basically any piece of content.

Long story short, you need a truly wonderful title, something that not only grabs the attention of people and entices them to click, but read the content, and in turn, help generate a lead.

However, there are times when you might struggle writing up an old headline that hits the mark. It could be during the planning stages, or even when a content is ready to go live.

Here are 3 easy to follow tips for such rainy days:

Use a Working Title

If you feel that you have the perfect idea for a blog post, but are blocked at thinking up a matching creative headline, then use the most logical solution: the working title. Some bloggers shy away from this, thinking that working titles are incomplete and vague.

In some cases they may be.

But they are also very helpful when you are in beginning or planning out your next blog post, or maybe even mapping out an editorial calendar for the whole month. Plus, you can always get back and edit it. Point being, don’t fear the working title.

Think from Your Readers’ Perspective

Another simple trick of the trade. If you are a webmaster or an online marketer, you already know the importance of finding out your audience, and understating who you are writing for, and targeting. Why not put that into practice?

Writing with your readers’ persona in mind can help you elicit interest or strike a pain point, while at the same time resonating with your audience and customers. Hone in, think about what the people are looking for, what type of content they are interested in.

Focus on keywords he or she may be searching for, and then craft your headlines.

Questions, Queries

If you have got a fairly successful blog or online business, a brand, then there is no denying that your customers, readers are your biggest asset. But even if you put up high quality content, they may still have some questions in mind.

And if your audience is not holding back, and is asking these questions, then a great strategy is to turn these questions into a title, and write up the answers in a blog post. Think creatively, turning your problem into solutions. Not to mention, headlines like these are also great for search engine traffic.

Leverage Your Resources

Finally, if all else fails, use your resources. There are plenty available, both online and offline, that can provide you with that extra ounce of inspiration. Industry publications, social media, keyword research, even your archives — blog posts that have resonated with your readers.

Put a different spin on them or update them with new details, and you have got your amazing title.

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  • The first point has always been hugely helpful in my experience. When you write out everything first, the title almost has always come naturally after that. Fantastic advice!

  • Nice tips. Using readers’ advice and looking at it from their perspective is smart. Definitely something I need to think about going forward!

  • Is there a tool that can analyze words and the story overall and suggest different titles? I have to imagine that’s available at this point, and think it would be a great resource.

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