Mergewords Allows You To Easily Merge Keywords

This highly useful tool is well worth a bookmark, as it can come in handy on multiple occasions. Going by the simple name of Mergewords, you can combine different words in up to three different lists.

Possible uses? Domain registrations, username and password generation. And more importantly, keywords for use in Google AdWords and other PPC advertising networks.

The website itself is fairly minimalistic — though with a rich design.

You simply enter your data in the three boxes provided. Sample data is also available for use in domain research (.com, .net and .org), link building and AdWords. A few extra options are also here, like separators and wrap characters.

Once your data is in place, simply hit the “Merge” button, and your keywords will be listed. You are provided a total count of combination to expect, prior to that.

Now while the website is fast, snappy, and does what it sets out to do, some more built-in lists would surely come in handy. Like major cities, US states, countries, and other such data to make generation of keywords for AdWords and pay-per-click a tad easier.

Then again, you can always bring your own lists in text files and copy and paste into the boxes provided.

You can check out Mergewords here, and make sure you bookmark this useful tool.

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  • Can you post an example of words you think would make sense to use for this? Seems like a nice tool, but I am not sure where to start.

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