Infographic: Twitter Shortcuts

Shortcuts. In this day and age of mobile, shortcuts are not what they once were. People used to love and learn shortcuts for their software programs in order to maximize their productivity.

And you’ve got to admit that there is something magical about watching someone using keyboard shortcuts instead of slowing down to do everything with a mouse. But while touch is fast replacing these traditional input methods, and modern apps are optimized for touchscreens, shortcuts are still around.

In fact, they have now transitioned from plain old software to websites.

Your webmail provider (Gmail or provides access to these, and even online galleries on blogs and websites offer quick ways to zoom back and forth using a combination of keys.

Twitter is no different.

The folks behind the social network have developed a whole bunch of keyboard shortcuts for quite possibly everything you would want to do on your Twitter page — from simple commands that favorite, reply or retweet a message to navigating the menus, even searching.

This infographic is a comprehensive Twitter shortcuts cheatsheet that lists the various keyboard shortcuts for actions, navigation and timelines on the site.

If you are work with Twitter regularly, better memorize this, or at the very least, keep this handy in an accessible location for when you need it. Time is money for online marketers, and what better way to maximize your time by being proficient with the keyboard for the usual tasks?

Click the infographic below to view the full high-resolution version.


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  • I saved this as an image. Tons of shortcuts I’ll use, but now way I can remember them all right now! Thank you Melanie!

  • Never knew al these easy shortcuts were available. Fantastic infographic as usual for everyone who’s using twitter for marketing, which should be almost everyone.

  • Love this! Can you do some of these for LInkedin, Facebook, and Instagram? I think it could be helpful for all social platforms.

  • I like the idea here, but how much time do these shortcuts actually save? I mean you can do most of these with the click of a button. Not trying to sound like this isn’t helpful, but we just are always looking for the fastest possible thing.

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