Infographic: 10 Surprising Social Media Facts

The world of social media is a landscape, open to all types and sizes of businesses, online and offline. However, still in its infancy, it is, very much, the Wild West in many ways.

And while people are still defining and refining the best practices and rules of social media engagement, keener minds have researched a bucketload of insights from some of the more popular social sites. You can find statistics and strategies aplenty on the best ways to engage your social audience.

But the most important fact is that the social web is an equal playing field, and often people and business that stretch their creativity beyond the norms are the ones that rewarded the most.

Still, there are times when you need the latest numbers in order to best plan your social approach.

And this handy infographic takes the latest social media statistics from Fast Company, and presents them in an easy to read and comprehend manner:

“Social media is not only a great platform for social interactions: it’s ideal for digital marketing, and there’s a plethora of social media statistics floating around the Internet. Thanks to Fast Company, I have combined a list of ten essential facts you should keep in mind when using social media to market your business. And what better way to present them than in an infographic?”

What better way, indeed!

Plenty of takeaways and details in this one, including some basic yet significant things like the fact that written content trumps visual (for marketers, at least), late night is the best time for retweets, and Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter drive the most traffic.

You can take a look at these highlights in the infographic below and accommodate accordingly for your online business. An exceptionally higher version of the image is available at the site above.

Click the infographic below to view the full high-resolution version.


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