Do You Really Need An Instagram Account For Your Online Business?

The ever increasing number of social networking websites are enough to scare away people that are new to social marketing. Deciding on which site to use can be quite overwhelming.

Most people that run online businesses are cramped for time — there just are not enough hours in a day to be active on all the popular social sites. You can sign up with every social website, but will have to commit to the 2 or 3 that bring the most results.

Apart from the big two (Facebook and Twitter), Instagram is a social media outlet that is making some big noise. So is it really worth it to use Instagram for your online business?

Read these 5 benefits and decide for yourself:

It gives your business a personality

People like to buy from businesses they trust, and no better way to build trust than by showing the real face behind your brand. Images that are shared on Instagram are usually of the casual, fun and spontaneous variety, more so than any other social network. Use this informality to you advantage.

There is less competition

This is a big plus. A 2013 American Express survey revealed that just 2% of small businesses are using visual social networks like Instagram. The platform is open for those that want to engage users, as there is far less competition than other popular outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

You can track conversations

Having an Instagram account is worth it for the sole purpose of monitoring the conversations regarding your brand, products and even your industry. Hashtags allow you to get insights on what products are trending online, what influencers are saying about them, and respond to customer feedback.

Connect with your target audience

It goes without saying, but social media is more about connecting with your target market, than outright selling your product. Same is the case with Instagram. Sure, you can share content related to your business, but also use it get to know your potential buyers, entertain their curiosity, hold contests.

Reach the millennial market

Twitter may be the leading social network for teens, but Instagram is on joint second place alongside Facebook for the under 30 crowd. If your business caters to millennial market (people born in the 80s and early 90s), then Instagram is a goldmine, and one of the best ways to connect with them.

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  • Nice post. I think it still depends on what type of business you’re running. If you’re selling food or clothes, I think Instagram is a great way, but if you’re not selling a visually appealing product, I don’t think it’s worth it.

  • I think your second point is the best one. My philosophy here is, “why not?” It’s easy enough to do and it’s better to get on these newer social media sites before your competition. It could end up making a huge difference in the long run.

    • With you all the way here. Now is the best time to jump in and start using instagram before the vast majority of businesses are. A super easy way to get ahead of the competition right now.

  • To put it briefly, no. I don’t think you really need an instagram at this point. It could be extremely helpful for some businesses, but overall, I don’t think instagram is the most effective marketing tool right now. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be one day soon.

  • I love the phrasing of the first point. Online business often feels like you’re losing some of the personal touch of a business. Instagram adds the visual element to make the business seem personal and give it a personality. That can really help endear your business to potential customers.

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