Facebook Ad Revenue Surges, Driven By Mobile Growth

There’s plenty to talk about Facebook these days. The online social network now has 1.32 billion monthly users, out of which 829 million log in every single day.

That is, more or less, half the online population of the world.

More interestingly, 1.07 billion of these users use the network over their mobile devices every month, with 654 million doing it daily. And these titanic figures are showing in the financial results that Facebook recently announced.





But the mobile advertising statistics are the most interesting highlight.

The company has reported huge growth in ad revenue, driven by this mobile growth. This past quarter generated more than $5.4 billion in revenue, which is 61% higher than the same period last year.

And advertising accounted for $2.68 billion, with mobile advertising bringing in 62% of the total advertising intake. Facebook claims that more than 1.5 million advertisers are now using their service.

So there are a few big takeaways here.

First, that users love Facebook. Secondly, the social network is clearly only interested in advertising, and driving traffic to others, instead of doing the selling itself. Third, mobile is where most of the action is.

And finally, a lot of people are clicking on those Facebook ads. A whole lot of them.

What this means for you as an online business owner, is that advertising via Facebook should now be a part of your overall marketing mix, if it is not already. The company is focused on driving better returns for marketers, and with this high a level of user engagement, the social network is a goldmine.

Things are only going to get better from here on out.

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  • No doubt in my mind that mobile ad revenue is the future. I see people using their phone browsers everyday, myself included. Now’s the time to jump in on mobile browsing advertising. It’s only going to grow from here.

    • I’m with you here. Mobile phone signal, wifi, data, and everything else that’s important for internet browsing is only getting better. Because of this, the future is even brighter for mobile browsing and I think these graphs show it visually.

  • Country breakdown is pretty much what I expected. It makes sense for the most part, although I am a little surprised that US & Canada doubled Europe in ad sales this quarter. Seems like a pretty wide disparity.

  • Mind blowing numbers (to me at least). I recently heard from someone that Facebook ad revenue was going to decrease because the ads on facebook are typically ineffective. I guess mobile makes a bigger difference!

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