Bluehost brought our site down – welcome to the internet age

So Bluehost our hosting company went down yesterday for close to 16 hours. a record I believe as far as system outages go.

A long time ago when I first started in this business, I would have been driven to Vodka, Tequila or even conceptually to strapping explosives round my waist and running deep into their headquarters (I kid).

These days, it’s not even a blip to me.

You see the truth is, as the web gets more crowded, every hosting company is vulnerable to some sort of outage here and there. Between incompetence, hacking and good old infrastructure overload, anyone who knows about IT knows that if computers can malfunction, they will.

It was fun to watch the Bluehost support Twitter feed go bananas as customer after customer wailed and complained about their website being down. The customer service was superb. They responded to every tweet with variations of the same message “We’re working on it and we’ll let you know.”

I have tried every major hosting company and they all have their idiosyncrasies. Some have great customer support and crappy hosting plans, some are too expensive, some are just crap. I love Bluehost because their dedicated server packages are (usually) the most stable and best value for the money.

Some advice to you if you’re starting out in this business. Find a host that is affordable and you feel comfortable with. The truth is, as you get more experienced, you will start to notice that need different things.

Support by phone may be more important to you or Linux vs Windows Operating Systems or as in my case, the amount of RAM may make the difference.

When you find a host that is reasonably able to provide all the features you need, make peace with the fact that things may go wrong at some point. As long as the BS is few and far between, don’t stress it.

Remember this is a marathon not a sprint.

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  • Unfortunate for bluehost customers. However, your outlook on it is refreshing. It’s easy to have misdirected anger and frustration, but calmness will win out. Good for you!

  • Host issues always seem worse than they actually are. You did the right thing by not getting too angry or upset. I try to think of it like an actual business being shutdown by a snowstorm or power outage. Sometimes it just happens.

    • Great analogy. Internet businesses are more similar to physical businesses than you think. Just like EVERY aspect of life, stuff happens. How you react is the important part. Nice job, Onuora.

  • Internet isn’t perfect. This stuff is hard to foresee, but you need to deal with it. Kudos to you for handling it as well as you did, Onuora.

  • Really, really difficult. You want to send that anger somewhere, but the host company obviously doesn’t want it to happen because they could lose business. It’s not good for anyone. You’re right about just keeping calm though. Sage advice.

  • 10-15 years ago, we would’ve been in the same boat. A boat overflown with tequila, rum, and vodka. However, after living with this kind of stuff for awhile, it’s just much easier and smarter to go with the flow. Not worth throwing a pity party. S#%! happens.

  • I remember one time in college when our servers crashed for a couple of days. A lot of work and information was posted online, so a lot of work couldn’t get done and the majority of the school was affected. Even for bigger networks, this stuff happens. Bad luck, Onuora, but you’re karmically due now! :p

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