3 Simple Ways To Write Tweets That People Respond To

When it comes to social networks, Twitter is right in the top echelon. It has got users, activity and potential. Last year the company said that more than 5,700 tweets are sent every second.

Today that figure is probably closer to six thousand.

With so much happening at the site, it is hard to stand out. Not only do you want your tweets to been seen and noticed, but a successful social media strategy demands that people engage with them. You need to strive for maximum impact here in terms of reads, clicks and shares.

Here are 3 simple ways to write tweets that people respond to:

Keep it real

Perhaps the most obvious of tips, but the most important, nevertheless. People want to engage with the real you, the good, the bad — the whole package. Someone that is a real person just like them, with real struggles. You don’t want to cast a fake impression just to get noticed.

It has the potential to wreck your credibility, and even the reliability and integrity of your business. Keep things real, believable and true, and you are halfway there.

Find out what worked in the past

They say, the past is the best predictor of what is to come. Well, usually. Past behavior holds true on Twitter, and you might want to take a look at which tweets have been the most engaging for you in the past. Usually tweets that contain images, videos and links get the most response.

But this is something that varies from audience to audience, and you will need to figure this out yourself. Oh, and no harm in recycling some of your old successful tweets to reach new followers.

Get in the mindset of your followers

This one is a gem for business owners. Too many online business owners primarily consider Twitter as a way to promote their business. Thing is, no one cares about your business. They want to hear what information you can provide to help them? What is going on in the industry?

Stuff that can help them, and relates directly to their problems and interests. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what kind of tweets you read and respond to. There’s your answer.

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  • All great things to keep in mind. One thing I would add is to tweet it at a good time. That is, tweet it when you know a lot of your followers or random twitter people will be using it (7 PM EST for example).

  • What worked in the past is something to definitely think about and learn from. You can even see what time of day got the most feedback as Chetty mentioned and what kind of words or substance got the most feedback as well. Thanks Marcus

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