11 signs that your business is not yet ready for content marketing

Content marketing has quickly shot to the very top, as far as marketing priorities are concerned. It is of leading importance for businesses and organizations alongside social media engagements, personalization and targeting.

Yet at the same time there are signs that it has become a bit of bandwagon that people are jumping on, without actually realizing what it really takes find success in this domain.

Fact is that not every business might be ready to run a content marketing campaign. Here are 11 signs that you (or your organization) is not ready to change direction and get into content marketing:

  1. Your upper management still thinks content marketing is a buzzword.
  2. You very occasionally push stuff through your social channels.
  3. And even when you do, it is primarily information about upcoming events.
  4. You consider ebooks as a form of content marketing
  5. People in your organization believe content market is expensive.
  6. Your company does not track your content, and note which one performs best.
  7. You hesitate giving content away for free (without registration, for example).
  8. You already have content created, but don’t have an idea where or how to distribute it.
  9. You believe that only marketers create content.
  10. You do not monitor the content your competitors are creating.
  11. You are unable to create visual content like videos and infographics.

Perhaps most importantly, your organizations is in denial of the points above.

Thing is that content market is a culture in of itself, and not every business is ready to dive headfirst into it without outlining a workflow and having the ability to push content on a regular basis. It is certainly possible, if the groundwork is laid, however.

Let me know what you think of the points above, and feel free to add your own.

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  • Solid list Marcus. A lot of the list revolves around ignorance of content marketing itself. That’s clearly a problem still, so businesses should educate themselves on it before they consider trying/dismissing it.

  • Content marketing is tricky in my opinion. As Terry pointed out, ignorance is key here. Make sure your company (or you personally) know what content marketing is first and foremost.

  • All points are noted. It’s amazing how accurate some of these bulleted points are, Marcus. I know tons of smart people who consider eBooks a form of content marketing for example. In this case, Ignorance isn’t bliss.

  • Great 11 signs. I honestly believe all of them apply and show how crucial content marketing is. Thanks for sharing!

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