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Checking Your Website Speed – Pingdom Tools

Pingdom provides a reliable set of tools for monitoring performance and uptime of your website. They operate 24/7, 365 days a year, using over 70 polling locations across the world to test sites.

As well as providing you with stats on how fast, or otherwise, your website speed is, Pingdom also provides tips on how to speed things up.

You can see whether a specific page on your site is too slow or too fast, whether it is too large, which best practices you need to implement and more.

Pingdom features include:

Deep Examination of Every Part of a Web Page.

Pingdom will look at each element of a web page, examining sizes of files, how long they take to load and much more. This includes all the CSS, JavaScript and HTML files, all images, videos and so on.

This list can be sorted into whatever order you want and filtered however you want so that you can see where the performance blockages are.

Overview of Website Performance

Pingdom will pull together a whole list of statistics, based on website performance, from the tests they perform, for you to study

Performance Grade and Tips on Speeding up

Pingdom will provide you with a grade on how your website performs, based on best practices from Google Page Speed. They also provide you with plenty of tips on how to speed your website up, based on their results

Track Your Performance History

Pingdom will save all the tests so that you can review them and see how your website performance changes over the course of time.

Multiple Test Locations

Pingdom tests the speed of your website load time in multiple locations across the world

All the tests are performed on real browsers to give a real result and you can sign up for free to have your website tested every minute.

You can test your website on Pingdom Tools here



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