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You can use these emails to contact your audience and send visitors through your™ affiliate links. You’ll get the best results if you add these emails to your autoresponder sequence. If you don’t have an autoresponder sequence then you can sign up for an account with Aweber.

Email 1 [aff_subjectline] What if there was an online university for creating a web business?[/aff_subjectline]

[aff_emailbody] this has never been done before on the Internet. The first ever online University for learning all the fundamental aspects of the Complete Web.
So what is the Complete Web? Think about how much crazy information there is out there. A ton of blogs with Top 10 bullet points offering information on the best way to make a website, or draw traffic, or monetize a blog. Yet, there’s no REAL honest, usable training available. Now that gap has been filled.
Learn About The Web is a place where you can learn the core aspects of everything online. Basically, from how to design and build a website, to how to strategize, to how to monetize, and beyond. The lessons are over-the-shoulder, classroom-type modules that make it so easy to advance your knowledge of the Complete Web from start to finish.
Look, if you want to learn everything there is to learn about the web in a complete, inexpensive, learn-at-your-own pace environment you NEED to check these guys out. Even if you are an intermediate developer or marketer, this program will fill any gaps in your education. Check it out by clicking the link below:


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Email 2 [aff_subjectline]Introducing Learn About The Web™[/aff_subjectline]

[aff_emailbody], did you hear about that new online University that basically teaches people the most essential, fundamental aspects of the Complete Web?
I’m talking everything – the history of the Internet, how to design and develop a website, how to market, how to monetize, how to strategize. All of this information from the comfort of your own home with comprehensive video classes and online support. It’s crazy.
There has never been a complete, evolving resource for people to learn everything there is to know from point A to point Z about all essential aspects of the web and come out of it with a working knowledge.
Whether you’re just looking to hone your skills, fill gaps in your learning, or be more attractive to employers, you’ll learn it all in an affordable, self-paced online University that has over-the-shoulder learning, support, and a huge community of alumni. Check it out by clicking the link below:


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