Webmaster Certification Exam

In the fall of 2014, we plan to begin offering two comprehensive certification programs to our students.

  • The Learn About The Web™ Online Business Certification Exam
  • The Learn About The Web™ Webmaster Certification Exam

If you’re interested in the Online Business Certification Exam, Click here for more details.

The Learn About The Web™ Webmaster Certification Exam

If you want to hire a lawyer, you can look up their credentials with the state Bar Association where they are licensed to practice Law. If you want to find a good doctor, you could find out where they went to Medical School and/or find out where they are currently licensed to practice Medicine. If you want to hire an IT security specialist, you can ask for one of many Security Certifications that you would typically such an individual have.
You know what’s funny?

If you want to hire a webmaster or a graphic designer, you have to roll the dice.

Today, there simply isn’t a credible credential or certificate for technical professionals who are involved in Online Marketing – a BILLION dollar industry.

We think that’s unacceptable.

Working hand in hand with some of our academic partners, we are putting together the structure required for a technical webmaster certification exam. The test will be multiple choice and will be somewhere between 300 to 500 questions over several hours.

Some of the topics covered in this exam will be:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Caching
  • Content Distribution
  • Application Performance
  • Graphics
  • Compression
  • Newsletter and email distribution
  • Advertising Banners
  • WordPress
  • JQuery and Javascript
  • Troubleshooting

Scrolland much more.

We are working on a solution that will properly evaluate the skill levels of employees and also give employers peace of mind about resources they are hiring.

We anticipate that testing will begin in the late summer/fall of 2015.

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