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These days, it’s critically important that new graduates are equipped with the tangible skills to make themselves attractive to employers. Likewise, if they decide to start independent businesses, it’s also vital that they know how to promote themselves.

Without a working knowledge of the primary aspects of web development, strategy, and marketing, graduates are going into the work force half armed – they have traditional media knowledge and tools in a new digital media era.

The Academic Landscape

Frustrated-Students Even though students are surrounded by sophisticated technological tools, most higher education systems do not teach them how to use those tools to their eventual benefit.

This creates a massive learning gap that puts these kids at an extreme disadvantage.

There are a few reasons for this.

First of all, a lot of institutions of higher learning have been slow to get to this party. To be fair, a lot of the technology and tools that are dominant today appeared on the scene relatively rapidly and it’s even hard for Online Marketing and Social Media professionals to keep up.

Next, the skills needed to create a successful online business are rarely ever combined with the skills of found in tenured academics. Once again, a lot of this happened so fast that the academic world is scrambling to keep up.

Because most universities and academics lack the skills to teach a lot of these cutting edge skills, this has rapidly become a source of frustration for:

  • Academic Institutions who are unable to find resources to teach these skills.
  • Academics in those institutions who want to teach these skills but are ill equipped to do so.
  • Students who aren’t learning critical Online Marketing skills.
  • Employers who can’t fill entry level jobs due to a vast group of graduates lacking the necessary skills.

We can help

The solution is simple.

StudentsChooseLearnAboutTheWeb We give professors and teachers a credible learning resource to use to help their students get prepared.

At Learn About The Web, we’ve spent years working on an easy-to-use, intuitive resource for Academic institutions. This allows teachers and entire curriculums to integrate vital web development and online marketing skills in with their teaching without having to learn it themselves or develop a lesson plan around it.

Our package is easily deployed to Institutions of higher learning and will help any and all instructors with online marketing instruction.

The training consists of:

  • Instructional Lecture Materials (Text, PowerPoint).
  • Quizzes and Exams.
  • A web portal for students to study/take quizzes in.
  • Case studies and hands-on exercises.
  • Train the Trainer assistance for professors.
  • Instructors to teach material upon request (based on availability).

Our Learn About The Web Academic Solutions™ are easy to set up, affordable and most importantly, credible.

Instructors learn from seasoned Learn About The Web™ teachers and receive the tools necessary to pass knowledge on to their students.

All of the web’s most important tools are learned about through these nine modules, allowing you to teach in a way that fits your class structure and environment such as:

  • Over five days in a 40 hour Boot camp.
  • Once a week during a nine to 13 week semester.
  • As part of a weekend series for between four to eight weeks.
  • As separate courses entirely.

Modules include:

  1. Introduction to Online Marketing (Four Hours)
  2. Brainstorming (four hours)
  3. Web Design (four hours)
  4. Building a Website (four hours)
  5. Buying a website (four hours)
  6. Outsourcing (four hours)
  7. Web Marketing (four hours)
  8. Monetization (four hours)
  9. Website Maintenance (four hours)

We put together a presentation that describes a little bit more about our academic services package.

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