Give me X Hours and I’ll Give You Your “Big Idea”

When I stared out as an internet entrepreneur 8 years ago, I had no idea how to brainstorm or research to find profitable internet opportunities…

What I knew was that I had an IT job I couldn’t stand and I wanted to escape…

Today, I run a vast network of website’s that… with little to no maintenance… generate tens of thousands of dollars in income each and every month  even before I turned to managing my sites full-time, I made a very handsome income on the side in addition to my six-figure salary as a consultant…

And I’m here to tell you that the opportunities for people like you and me (people with big dreams of wealth and independence and a passion to match) are growing.

When I started out in 2003, only 9.7% of the world was online.  Today over 2 billion people are connected to the internet (well over 30% of the world’s population)… and that number will only continue to grow.

And as the number of internet users grows… the opportunity to make money online is multiplying exponentially.

So whether you’re interested in sports, the outdoors, fashion, computers, cooking, celebrities (anything!) there’s a place, and a market, for your site.

But the truth is, while there are huge opportunities online, there is also massive competition.

And without the proper niche, position, and strategy …your site is almost guaranteed to fail.

Believe me, I know.  It took me hundreds of failed ideas and experiments to finally hone the secrets that I’ll share with you in this course…

Luckily for you, you needn’t suffer endless and trial and error to come up with your new money making website because

I want you enjoy the kind of success that I do… no suffering… no trial and error.  No guessing at all.

I’ll hold your hand through my entire simple, step-by-step process that has helped me (and many others) discover hundreds of profitable niche’s online… and earn a sizeable part-time income or even quit their day job to manage their site’s full-time… and it is virtually guaranteed to make your site a success. 

Remember, this doesn’t mean you’ll be an overnight internet millionaire (though if you position your site right, there’s nothing to say it couldn’t happen) but it does mean if you follow this step-by-step process you will know how to quickly and easily find profitable niche’s, position your site, and earn tons of money online.

It’s how I make my (very handsome) living every single day.

No Technical Expertise Required

Remember, the techniques I’ll share with you in this course aren’t for techies or web experts…  yes, I have a background in technology, and yes, you will benefit from over 20 years of internet experience in this course, but the methods I’ll share with you aren’t complicated to understand or difficult to master.

In fact, I’m convinced that absolutely anyone who can operate a computer can master these techniques.

My simple to follow step-by-step lessons in this learning module will quickly and easily teach you:

The Key Factors for Success

  • ü  Easily find your motivation
  • ü  How to tap into your passion and devotion
  • ü  Become a “master” of discipline
  • ü  Be more productive and stay “laser” focused
  • ü  Discover the critical “success factors” that will you separate from the competition
  • Sure Fire Methods For Develop Winning Ideas
  • ü  Unlock hidden sources of inspiration
  • ü  Remove worry and uncertainty and get your ideas honed fast
  • ü  The critical differences between a good idea worth pursuing and a bad idea worth forgetting (this technique alone is more than cost of this program)
  • ü  “Can’t miss” exercises to turn your passions into money making ideas
  • ü  Simple exercises that are virtually guaranteed to lead you down the path to a successful site
  • ü  How to remove unnecessary emotion and crippling worry from your idea building
  • Proven Techniques To Turn Your Ideas into Reality
  • ü  A fast way to do research for your idea
  • ü  Free research tools you can start using today, and the right way to use them
  • ü  The new rules of supply and demand, ideas the “other” guys with they understood
  • ü  The extraordinary power of Niche marketing
  • ü  “Can’t miss” strategies for finding your niche
  • ü  And much, much more…

You’ll also get access to loads of bonus features including optional quizzes, access to your own personal Evernote for anywhere access to yourclass notes (including your wireless devices),  and comprehensive FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) that gives answers to your most pressing brainstorming questions.

All this at just about $1 per day.  Isn’t your success worth it? 

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And once you’ve honed your big idea… You can continue on in the in the course to learn how to quickly and cheaply make your big idea a reality.

My Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m so convinced that you’ll love this class, that I’m offering you an iron-clad no questions asked 30-day risk free trial… if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the program, just send me an e-mail within 30-days and I’ll refund your membership fee no questions asked.

Are you ready to join me and become part of the new breed of internet entrepreneurs?

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